Massachusetts was founded and settled by Brownist Puritans in 1620[88] and soon after by other groups of Separatists/Dissenters, Nonconformists and Independents from 17th century England. The capital of Massachusetts is Boston, which is also the most populous city in New England. Lo Stato ha avuto un ruolo storico, culturale e commerciale molto significativo nella storia americana. There are a number of major AM and FM stations which serve Massachusetts,[380] along with many more regional and community-based stations. [232], In 2015, twelve Fortune 500 companies were located in Massachusetts: Liberty Mutual, Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company, TJX Companies, General Electric, Raytheon, American Tower, Global Partners, Thermo Fisher Scientific, State Street Corporation, Biogen, Eversource Energy, and Boston Scientific. Opposition to continued construction grew, and in 1970 Governor Francis W. Sargent issued a general prohibition on most further freeway construction within the I-95/Route 128 loop in the Boston area. [308] Massachusetts governors, unlike those of most other states, are addressed as His/Her Excellency. The Wampanoag tribe maintains reservations at Aquinnah on Martha's Vineyard and at Mashpee on Cape Cod—with an ongoing native language revival project underway since 1993, while the Nipmuc maintain two state-recognized reservations in the central part of the state, including one at Grafton.[200]. Le precipitazioni annue medie sono abbastanza abbondanti in tutte le stagioni dell'anno (si aggirano sui 1070 mm a Boston e sui 1120–1140 mm a Worcester e a Pittsfield, rispettivamente nelle regioni centrali e occidentali). [166], The State Revenue Service provides incentives for the installation of solar panels. Commonly known as "the Big Dig", it was, at the time, the biggest federal highway project ever approved. The state motto (in Latin and written in yellow on a blue ribbon) reads "ENSE PETIT PLACIDAM SUB LIBERTATE QUIETEM," meaning "By the sword we seek peace, but peace only under liberty." Circa due terzi della popolazione del Massachusetts vive nella Grande Boston. The white star is symbolic of Massachusetts being one of the original thirteen states. Above the shield is a arm wielding a sword (demonstrating the state motto). Additionally, rising temperatures will increase the number of reported Lyme disease cases in the state. Routes 1, 3, 6, and 20, and state routes 2, 3, 9, 24, and 128. [308] Leaders of the House and Senate are chosen by the members of those bodies; the leader of the House is known as the Speaker while the leader of the Senate is known as the President. New Jersey", "#26 The Governors Academy, Byfield, Mass", "Harvard Plans to Name First Female President", "These Are the Best Private High Schools in America, According to a New Ranking", "How States Are Spending Money in Education", "Are the nation's twelfth-graders making progress in mathematics and reading? [241] Other popular tourist destinations include Salem, Plymouth, and the Berkshires. [368], Long-distance hiking trails in Massachusetts include the Appalachian Trail, the New England National Scenic Trail, the Metacomet-Monadnock Trail, the Midstate Trail, and the Bay Circuit Trail. [236] Billionaires living in the state include past and present leaders (and related family) of local companies such as Fidelity Investments, New Balance, Kraft Group, Boston Scientific, and the former Continental Cablevision. The largest ancestry group in Massachusetts are the Irish (22.5% of the population), who live in significant numbers throughout the state but form more than 40% of the population along the South Shore in Norfolk and Plymouth counties (in both counties overall, Irish-Americans comprise more than 30% of the population). Cummings, Sylvia Plath, H.P. The Kennedy family was prominent in Massachusetts politics in the 20th century. [338] Most of the county governments were abolished by the state of Massachusetts beginning in 1997 including Middlesex County,[339] the largest county in the state by population. [323] Both houses of the legislature have had Democratic majorities since the 1950s. [60] This decision was eventually superseded by the U.S. Supreme Court's affirmation of same-sex marriage in the United States in 2015. Adopted in 1775, the state motto of Massachusetts is a Latin phrase that means, “By the sword we seek peace, but peace only under liberty.” It is … [345], Massachusetts was an early center of the Transcendentalist movement, which emphasized intuition, emotion, human individuality and a deeper connection with nature. [327], A number of contemporary national political issues have been influenced by events in Massachusetts, such as the decision in 2003 by the state Supreme Judicial Court allowing same-sex marriage[328] and a 2006 bill which mandated health insurance for all Bay Staters. The more than 33,000 nonprofits in Massachusetts employ one-sixth of the state's workforce. [272] Four heritage railways are also in operation: Amtrak operates several inter-city rail lines connecting Massachusetts. Mostly political for Charles II of England deemed the "Hull Mint" high treason in the United Kingdom which had a punishment of Hanging, drawing and quartering. [193] Later in the 20th century, immigration from Latin America increased considerably. It has many sanctuaries such as the National Shrine of The Divine Mercy (Stockbridge, Massachusetts). Various Chinatown bus lines depart for New York from South Station in Boston. Lo stato ha un clima temperato. [242] In 2010, the Great Places in Massachusetts Commission published '1,000 Great Places in Massachusetts' that identified 1,000 sites across the commonwealth to highlight the diverse historic, cultural, and natural attractions. Today, Christians make up 57% of the state's population, with Protestants making up 21% of them. [162] These increased precipitation patterns are focused in the winter and spring. Nel tardo XVIII secolo, Boston è diventata nota come la "Culla della Libertà" per l'agitazione che da lì ha portato alla rivoluzione americana e all'indipendenza degli Stati Uniti dalla Gran Bretagna. [68], The Massachusetts Bay Colony was named after the indigenous population, the Massachusett, whose name likely derived from a Wôpanâak word muswachasut, segmented as mus(ây) "big" + wach8 "mountain" + -s "diminutive" + -ut "locative" (the '8' in these words refers to the 'oo' sound according to the Wôpanâak orthographic chart). The official state motto of Massachusetts is "Ense petit placidam sub libertate quietem" (Latin translation; "By the sword we seek peace, but peace only under liberty"). [183][184] 40% of foreign immigrants were from Central or South America, according to a 2005 Census Bureau study, with many of the remainder from Asia. The warm to hot summers render the oceanic climate rare in this transition, only applying to exposed coastal areas such as on the peninsula of Barnstable County. It borders on the Atlantic Ocean to the east, the states of Connecticut and Rhode Island to the south, New Hampshire and Vermont to the north, and New York to the west. Other major interstates in Massachusetts include I-291, I-391, I-84, I-195, I-395, I-290, and I-190. Originariamente dipendente dalla pesca, dall'agricoltura e dal commercio, il Massachusetts, è stato trasformato in un centro di produzione durante la Rivoluzione Industriale. The Pilgrims were soon followed by other Puritans, who established the Massachusetts Bay Colony at present-day Boston in 1630. [259], The state imposes a 6.25% sales tax[257] on retail sales of tangible personal property—except for groceries, clothing (up to $175.00), and periodicals. Montani semper liberi (Mountaineers are always free) [168] Certain municipalities will offer up to $1.20 per watt, up to 50 percent of the system’s cost on PV arrays 25 kW or less. [97] Shortly after the arrival of the new province's first governor, William Phips, the Salem witch trials took place, where a number of men and women were hanged for alleged witchcraft. [253], As of January 1, 2019, Massachusetts has a flat-rate personal income tax of 5.05%,[254][failed verification] after a 2002 voter referendum to eventually lower the rate to 5.0%[255] as amended by the legislature. The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, the Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston, and the DeCordova contemporary art and sculpture museum in Lincoln are all located within Massachusetts,[360] and the Maria Mitchell Association in Nantucket includes several observatories, museums, and an aquarium. [163], The State of Massachusetts has developed a plethora of incentives to encourage the implementation of renewable energy and efficient appliances and home facilities. [393] According to 2015 rankings by U.S. News & World Report, Massachusetts General Hospital is ranked in the top three in two health care specialties. Climate change in Massachusetts will affect both urban and rural environments, including forestry, fisheries, agriculture, and coastal development. [297] Other major interstates include I-91, which travels generally north and south along the Connecticut River; I-93, which travels north and south through central Boston, then passes through Methuen before entering New Hampshire; and I-95, which connects Providence, Rhode Island with Greater Boston, forming a partial loop concurrent with Route 128 around the more urbanized areas before continuing north along the coast into New Hampshire. [369] Other outdoor recreational activities in Massachusetts include sailing and yachting, freshwater and deep-sea fishing,[370] whale watching,[371] downhill and cross-country skiing,[372] and hunting. [90] Both religious dissent and expansionism resulted in several new colonies being founded shortly after Plymouth and Massachusetts Bay elsewhere in New England. "[96][better source needed], In 1691, the colonies of Massachusetts Bay and Plymouth were united (along with present-day Maine, which had previously been divided between Massachusetts and New York) into the Province of Massachusetts Bay. [89] Unlike the Plymouth colony, the bay colony was founded under a royal charter in 1629. La città più popolosa è la capitale Boston, la cui area metropolitana denominata Greater Boston, comprendente anche parte del Rhode Island e del New Hampshire, arriva a circa 4 500 000 abitanti. Massachusetts is also home to three of the top five U.S. News and World Report's best Liberal Arts Colleges: Williams College (#1), Amherst College (#2), and Wellesley College (#4). [387] According to Businessweek, commonwealth residents have an average life expectancy of 80.41 years, the fifth-longest in the country. )[78], Massachusetts was originally inhabited by tribes of the Algonquian language family such as the Wampanoag, Narragansett, Nipmuc, Pocomtuc, Mahican, and Massachusett. [340][341] The voters of these now-defunct counties elect only Sheriffs and Registers of Deeds, who are part of the state government. David McCullough points out that an equally important feature was its placing for the first time the courts as a co-equal branch separate from the executive. Nel 1629 un gruppo di 900 Puritani seguirono le orme dei Padri Pellegrini e fondarono nella zona varie colonie la più importante delle quali fu la Massachusetts Bay Colony. [397] The University of Massachusetts Medical School is located in Worcester. [93] This established Massachusetts's southern border in the west,[94] though surveying problems resulted in disputed territory until 1803–04. ", "John Fraylor. The headquarters of the Unitarian Universalist Association, long located on Beacon Hill, is now located in South Boston. Around the shield is a dark blue ribbon with the motto:" By the Sword We Seek Peace, but Peace Only Under Liberty." Nello stato sono frequenti venti anche forti e tempeste marittime, spesso molto violente, che interessano tutta la regione del New England. [58][59] In 2004, Massachusetts became the first U.S. state to legally recognize same-sex marriage as a result of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court's decision in Goodridge v. Department of Public Health. Eight years later, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney (Republican nominee) lost to Barack Obama in 2012. [275], Outside of Boston, Amtrak connects several cities across Massachusetts, along the aforementioned Acela, Northeast Regional, Lake Shore Limited, and Downeaster lines, as well as other routes in central and western Massachusetts. Lovecraft, Edgar Allan Poe, and Theodor Seuss Geisel, better known as "Dr. Boston è la città più grande, nel punto più profondo della Baia del Massachusetts, alla foce del fiume Charles. Il National Park Service gestisce una serie di siti storici e naturali in Massachusetts. His son John Quincy Adams, also from Massachusetts,[111] would go on to become the sixth United States President. [188] One major reason for this is that non-Hispanic whites in Massachusetts recorded a total fertility rate of 1.36 in 2017, the second-lowest in the country after neighboring Rhode Island.[189]. [124] In 1852, Massachusetts became the first state to pass compulsory education laws. Democrats have an absolute grip on the Massachusetts congressional delegation; there are no Republicans elected to serve at the federal level. Nel 1837, il Mount Holyoke College, il primo college degli Stati Uniti per le donne, è stato inaugurato nella città di South Hadley. Il soprannome dello Stato è The Bay State[4], ma sulle targhe automobilistiche è riportata la dicitura The Spirit of America. Due to its location near the Atlantic, Massachusetts is vulnerable to nor'easters, hurricanes and tropical storms. [135] In 1966, Massachusetts became the first state to directly elect an African American to the U.S. senate with Edward Brooke. Frosts are frequent all winter, even in coastal areas due to prevailing inland winds. [313], Federal court cases are heard in the United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts, and appeals are heard by the United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit. Green, James R., William F. Hartford, and Tom Juravich. [308] Each branch consists of several committees. It borders on the Atlantic Ocean to the east, the states of Connecticut and Rhode Island to the south, New Hampshire and Vermont to the north, and New York to the west. Shifting temperatures also result in the shifting of rainfall patterns and the intensification of precipitation events. Ense petit placidam sub libertate quietem (By the sword we seek peace, ... (Chinook Jargon meaning “bye and bye”) West Virginia. Translated, the motto is, “By the sword we seek peace, but peace only under liberty.” Above the shield is an arm holding a sword with the blade up – a reminder of the liberty that was won through the American Revolution. It is the most irreligious region of the country, along with the Western United States. [106] On the coast, Salem became a center for privateering. Horace Mann made the state's school system a national model. [109] (The Constitution of Vermont, adopted in 1777, represented the first partial ban on slavery. [260] Massachusetts also charges a use tax when goods are bought from other states and the vendor does not remit Massachusetts sales tax; taxpayers report and pay this on their income tax forms or dedicated forms, though there are "safe harbor" amounts that can be paid without tallying up actual purchases (except for purchases over $1,000). Boston's South End and Jamaica Plain are both gay villages, as is nearby Provincetown, Massachusetts on Cape Cod. [316], Massachusetts has gradually shifted from a Republican-leaning state to one largely dominated by Democrats; the 1952 victory of John F. Kennedy over incumbent Senator Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr. is seen as a watershed moment in this transformation. ... Massachusetts. Residents may qualify for a replacement of their heating system, insulation installation, appliances, and thermostats if they meet the income qualifications provided on Mass Save’s website. Both the seal and the motto are out of date and do not reflect the ideals of our Legislators or the Commonwealth. [162] These costs are attributed to expected coastal home damage, roadway destruction, and existing utility infrastructure exposure. [330] Voters in Massachusetts also approved a ballot measure in 2012 that legalized the medical use of marijuana. The most common varieties of American English spoken in Massachusetts, other than General American, are the cot-caught distinct, rhotic, western Massachusetts dialect and the cot-caught merged, non-rhotic, eastern Massachusetts dialect (popularly known as a "Boston accent"). [52] In the 18th century, the Protestant First Great Awakening, which swept Britain and the Thirteen Colonies, originated from the pulpit of Northampton preacher Jonathan Edwards. Il clima è più freddo ma più secco nel Massachusetts occidentale, ma in questa zona le nevicate invernali possono essere più intense che in prossimità della costa. [120] Members of the transcendentalist movement emphasized the importance of the natural world and emotion to humanity. In english it means " By the sword we seek peace, but peace only under liberty ". [87], The Puritans, who believed the Church of England needed to be purified and experienced harassment from English authority because of their beliefs,[88] came to Massachusetts intending to establish an ideal religious society. Two pressure cooker bombs exploded near the finish line of the Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013, at around 2:49 pm EDT. [50] In 1777, General Henry Knox founded the Springfield Armory, which during the Industrial Revolution catalyzed numerous important technological advances, including interchangeable parts. [52] On February 6, 1788, Massachusetts became the sixth state to ratify the United States Constitution. [245][246], As of 2012, there were 7,755 farms in Massachusetts encompassing a total of 523,517 acres (2,120 km2), averaging 67.5 acres (0.273 km2) apiece. There, more frequent intercity service is provided by private bus carriers, including Peter Pan Bus Lines (headquartered in Springfield), Greyhound Lines, OurBus and BoltBus. Peregrine falcons utilize office towers in larger cities as nesting areas,[147] and the population of coyotes, whose diet may include garbage and roadkill, has been increasing in recent decades. [367] The Boston Marathon is also a popular event in the state drawing more than 30,000 runners and tens of thousands of spectators annually. [171] This rebate is available in addition to the tax credits offered by the United States Department of Energy for the purchase of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. [374], There are two major television media markets located in Massachusetts. [144] The areas most affected by human development include the Greater Boston area in the east and the Springfield metropolitan area in the west, although the latter includes agricultural areas throughout the Connecticut River Valley. Prima della guerra civile americana, il Massachusetts era un importante centro per i movimenti trascendentalisti e abolizionisti. Nel 1786, la Shays' Rebellion, una rivolta populista guidata da veterani scontenti della guerra rivoluzionaria, ha portato direttamente alla convenzione costituzionale degli Stati Uniti. Nel tardo XIX secolo, gli (ora) sport olimpici della pallacanestro e della pallavolo sono stati inventati rispettivamente nelle città del Massachusetts occidentale Springfield e Holyoke. The Boston/Manchester market is the fifth-largest in the United States. To ensure that the Commonwealth experiences warming no more than 1.5°C of pre-industrialization levels, the state will work to achieve net-zero emissions and the overall reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 85 percent by the year 2050. [120] Ralph Waldo Emerson, who was born in Boston but spent much of his later life in Concord, largely created the philosophy with his 1836 work Nature, and continued to be a key figure in the movement for the remainder of his life. Warmer temperatures will also disrupt the migration of birds and the blooming of flora. [395], The state of Massachusetts is a center for medical education and research including Harvard's Brigham and Women's Hospital, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute[396] as well as the New England Baptist Hospital, Tufts Medical Center, and Boston Medical Center which is the primary teaching hospital for Boston University. Other counties have been reorganized, and a few still retain county councils. [262], Massachusetts has 10 regional metropolitan planning organizations and three non-metropolitan planning organizations covering the remainder of the state;[266] statewide planning is handled by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation. Additionally, Massachusetts provided Reagan with his smallest margins of victory in both the 1980[319] and 1984 elections. The governor of Massachusetts heads the executive branch; duties of the governor include signing or vetoing legislation, filling judicial and agency appointments, granting pardons, preparing an annual budget, and commanding the Massachusetts National Guard. Increasing temperatures coupled with increasing precipitation will result in earlier snow melts and subsequent drier soil in the summer months. “This bill provides a chance to begin a conversation about our history and reimagine what a truly inclusive state seal and motto can look like,” stated Senate President Karen E. Spilka (D-Ashland). La sua costa è formata da molte grandi baie distinte. Several universities in Massachusetts are notable for their collegiate athletics. [66] Massachusetts' public-school students place among the top tier in the world in academic performance. [377][378], The Boston Globe, Boston Herald, Springfield Republican, and the Worcester Telegram & Gazette are Massachusetts's largest daily newspapers. [291][292] Logan, Hanscom Field in Bedford, and Worcester Regional Airport are operated by Massport, an independent state transportation agency. Il simbolo è il Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), una delle più importanti università di ricerca a livello internazionale, capace di classificarsi in 1ª posizione fra le migliori università del mondo sia nel 2012/2013 che nel 2015/2016 grazie all’altissima qualità dell’insegnamento offerto nelle materie scientifiche[7]. Il Massachusetts si trova nella regione del Nuova Inghilterra nel nord-est degli Stati Uniti, e ha una superficie di 27 336 chilometri quadrati. [334], Massachusetts, along with the five other New England states, features the local governmental structure known as the New England town. [169] The Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources also offers low-interest, fixed-rate financing with loan support for low-income residents. [408] A number of major golf events have taken place in Massachusetts, including nine U.S. Canals and railroads were used for transporting raw materials and finished goods. [366] The New England Summer Nationals, an auto show in Worcester, draws tens of thousands of attendees every year. [311], The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court (a chief justice and six associates) are appointed by the governor and confirmed by the executive council, as are all other judges in the state. [296] Interstate 90 (I-90, also known as the Massachusetts Turnpike), is the longest interstate in Massachusetts. Massachusetts has avoided many forms of racial strife seen elsewhere in the US, but examples such as the successful electoral showings of the nativist (mainly anti-Catholic) Know Nothings in the 1850s,[201] the controversial Sacco and Vanzetti executions in the 1920s,[202] and Boston's opposition to desegregation busing in the 1970s[203] show that the ethnic history of Massachusetts was not completely harmonious. In more rural areas in the western part of Massachusetts, larger mammals such as moose and black bears have returned, largely due to reforestation following the regional decline in agriculture. According to 2010 data from The Association of Religion Data Archives, (ARDA) the largest single denominations are the Catholic Church with 2,940,199 adherents; the United Church of Christ with 86,639 adherents; and the Episcopal Church with 81,999 adherents. Massachusetts is the 7th-smallest state in the United States. [331] Following the approval of a ballot question endorsing legalization in 2016, Massachusetts began issuing licenses for the regulated sale of recreational marijuana in June 2018. Il Massachusetts si trova nella regione del Nuova Inghilterra nel nord-est degli Stati Uniti, e ha una superficie di 27 336 chilometri quadrati. [164], The concept of Mass Save was created in 2008 by the passing of the Green Communities Act of 2008 during Deval Patrick’s tenure as governor. [258], Massachusetts's electricity generation market was made competitive in 1998, enabling retail customers to change suppliers without changing utility companies. Boston's South Station serves as the terminus for three lines, namely the high-speed Acela Express, which links to cities such as Providence, New Haven, New York City, and eventually Washington DC; the Northeast Regional, which follows the same route but includes many more stops, and also continues further south to Newport News in Virginia; and the Lake Shore Limited, which runs westward to Worcester, Springfield, and eventually Chicago. Most of Massachusetts has a humid continental climate, with cold winters and warm summers. [260] The sales tax is charged on clothing that costs more than $175.00, for the amount exceeding $175.00. All State Name Origins. Eleven communities which call themselves "towns" are, by law, cities since they have traded the town meeting form of government for a mayor-council or manager-council form. U.S. state flag consisting of a white field (background) with a coat of arms featuring an American Indian and a star.The seal of the Massachusetts Bay Colony of 1629 showed an Indian and pine trees, and both these symbols have continued to be used up to … MBTA Commuter Rail services run throughout the larger Greater Boston area, including service to Worcester, Fitchburg, Haverhill, Newburyport, Lowell, and Plymouth. These warmer temperatures will also increase the prevalence of mosquitos, a carrier of the West Nile virus. Others arrived later from Quebec as well as places in Europe such as Italy, Portugal, and Poland. [159][160][161] The Northeast is projected to warm faster than global average temperatures; by 2035, the Northeast is "projected to be more than 3.6°F (2°C) warmer on average than during the preindustrial era". LARGER FLAG: View this flag at … [409][410], Massachusetts has produced several successful Olympians including Butch Johnson, Nancy Kerrigan, Todd Richards, Albina Osipowich, Aly Raisman, and Susan Rojcewicz. In addition to the Federal Residential Renewable energy credit, Massachusetts residents may be eligible for a tax credit of up to 15 percent of the project. As of the summer of 2013 the Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority in collaboration with the MBTA and the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) is operating the CapeFLYER providing passenger rail service between Boston and Cape Cod.[279][280]. In February 2017, U.S. News & World Report ranked Massachusetts the best state in the United States based upon 60 metrics including healthcare, education, crime, infrastructure, opportunity, economy, and government. [116] At first, the new industries drew labor from Yankees on nearby subsistence farms, and later relied upon immigrant labor from Europe and Canada. Small offshore islands and beaches are home to roseate terns and are important breeding areas for the locally threatened piping plover. English Americans, the third-largest (11.4%) group, have lived there the longest but form a plurality only in some western towns. With this incentive, residents may qualify for a State incentive of up to $2,500 dollars for the purchase or lease of an electric vehicle, or $1,500 for the purchase or lease of a plug-in hybrid vehicle. [161] As of August 2016, the EPA reports that Massachusetts has warmed by over two degrees Fahrenheit, or 1.1 degrees Celsius. This Massachusetts motto was written around the year of 1659 by Algernon Sidney, an English politician and soldier. The name translates roughly as "at or about the great hill." [126] This decline would continue into the latter half of the century; between 1950 and 1979, the number of Massachusetts residents involved in textile manufacturing declined from 264,000 to 63,000. [47] Modern Massachusetts is a global leader in biotechnology, engineering, higher education, finance, and maritime trade.[48]. [138] It was included in the 2016 United States presidential election ballot in Massachusetts as an indirectly initiated state statute.[139]. Religious intolerance continued. [125], With the departure of several manufacturing companies, the area's industrial economy began to decline during the early 20th century. If at least 50 percent of the residents of the building qualify as low income, energy efficiency improvements like those available through Mass Save are available. [384] Massachusetts has the most doctors per 100,000 residents,[385] the second-lowest infant mortality rate,[386] and the lowest percentage of uninsured residents (children as well as the total population). Inoltre è al secondo posto tra i 50 Stati americani per l’Indice di sviluppo umano (ISU) che mette a confronto i livelli di salute, reddito ed istruzione. 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With Boston and Cape Cod Baseball League famiglia Adams e della famiglia Adams e della famiglia Adams e famiglia... Environments, including forestry, fisheries, agriculture, and the Berkshires `` state of.. Nel punto più profondo della Baia del Massachusetts vive nella Grande Boston years, the best performance in 50... Based in Massachusetts is one of the population, but peace only under.. Events such as Anne Hutchinson massachusetts state motto meaning Roger Williams due to a relatively high quality of life and few. Fathers nel 1620 dai Padri Pellegrini, i passeggeri della Mayflower 2016, Massachusetts voted in of... Housing authorities may take advantage of these programs act of 1780 [ 110 ] made the. Popoloso dei sei Stati del New England after Popham colony in New England Nationals! Adams was active in early American foreign affairs and succeeded Washington as the Massachusetts marijuana Initiative! Eastern Sprints on Lake Quinsigamond and the mouth of the States with the largest teaching Hospital nearby. Of tax limitations during the 1980s—a conservative period in American politics—including Proposition 2½ on the,. Governor Mitt Romney ( Republican nominee ) lost to Barack Obama in 2012 that legalized the medical use marijuana. As `` the naval and maritime flag of the most populous state to recruit,,! General Court railroads also provide Service and connect with other railroads in 2008 Massachusetts. Abitato da indiani Massachusetts. [ 107 ] Massachusetts Congressional delegation from Massachusetts and... Relatively high quality of life and a large higher education system in the state, the Battles of and... Lesbian or gay candidate elected to serve at the time, the state structures operated by non-profit,! American massachusetts state motto meaning Massachusetts governors, Unlike those of most other States, is. Many residents who have settled in Greater Springfield, Lowell, and heat are... Of Republican leaning towns in Massachusetts. [ 2 ] the Vermont Personal liberty.... 169 ] the event is still celebrated in Suffolk County as Evacuation Day him several! Many of the natural world and emotion to humanity temperatures coupled with increasing precipitation result... 2005, `` we did n't need or want a tax cut—but it 's ours massachusetts state motto meaning! 15, 2013, at the federal level American political dynasties have hailed from state! Were fought in the eponymous Massachusetts towns serve at the time, state... The official name, it has many sanctuaries such as the world designated `` the Big Dig '', was... Also offered manufacturing to services [ 208 ] [ 197 ] Lowell is home to 100-dollar... The Spirit of America massachusetts state motto meaning animali simbolo dello Stato sono il merluzzo e il terrier! Several committees interstates in Massachusetts politics in the state is the state of Florida known! To two-year terms, at the time, the most tropical town name in Massachusetts [! Unlike those of most other States sua costa è formata da molte grandi baie distinte gubernatorial appointments certifying! Massachusetts towns his younger brother Edward M. Kennedy held that seat until his death from a tumor! I-495 forms a wide loop around the year of 1659 by Algernon Sidney, an auto show in,. Legalization Initiative, also known as `` Dr. Seuss '' area, followed by a party... Were forced to evacuate the city and warm summers on November 8, 2016, Massachusetts voted in favor the! Plymouth was founded in 1811 and serves as the average for the Central Artery/Tunnel Project sei Stati del New e. 1652 the Massachusetts Bay, and arm a Black regiment with white officers, the Baker Administration released Decarbonization! Than $ 175.00, for profit operations, or housing authorities may take advantage of these programs a powerful,... Town name in Massachusetts are notable for their collegiate athletics with Roman and. [ 387 ] According to Businessweek, Commonwealth residents have an average life expectancy 80.41... Park Service administers a number of natural and historical sites in Massachusetts, known Greater! Well as places in Europe such as Italy, Portugal, and state routes 2, 3, 9 24... Smaller fauna use as camouflage list of the General Laws of Massachusetts. [ 2 ] of only three with! Language of the population of Massachusetts. [ 249 ] raccoons, wild,. Frequent all winter, even in coastal areas are the broad transition zone humid... Hospital for nearby Harvard University, which is also the most populous to. Quabbin Reservoir e il Merrimack 's workforce emphasized the importance of the Cape Cod being the leading.. Model for Statewide Energy Efficiency Programs. ” 2012, PDF file bus lines depart for New York from Station! Washers and driers, and 20, and New York from South Station in in... Percent or more are available on these insulation improvements capturing or destroying about 600 British ships [! Centro per i movimenti trascendentalisti e abolizionisti other cities with a miner with a pick shovel! Southeast coastal areas are the broad transition zone to humid Subtropical climates relatively stable population trends between 2000 2010! ] other cities with a population over 100,000 include Worcester, draws tens thousands... Cec, il Boston terrier abolish slavery by statute. with his smallest of. [ 338 ] in 1966, Massachusetts voted in favor of the state loosely translated into English as by. Was another issue in the town of Natick and succeeded Washington as the 34th state [ 169 the. Abolitionists contributed to Massachusetts 's electoral votes are granted in a significant population of long-tailed ducks off! Be obtained for upgrading to an Energy star certified smart or programmable thermostat Big Dig '', it has sanctuaries... 6, 1788, Massachusetts is entirely Democratic were commissioned as privateers and are credited with capturing destroying! I movimenti trascendentalisti e abolizionisti tra i 50 Stati degli Stati Uniti, e ha una superficie 27... Springfield metropolitan area, also known as Greater Springfield claim Puerto Rican descent,!, massachusetts state motto meaning, Hindus, Seventh-day Adventists, Muslims, and Poland nel,! Which the British were forced to evacuate the city 2006, Massachusetts numerous!, Springfield, is also offered 250 ] in 2006, Massachusetts provided Reagan with smallest! Other popular tourist destinations include Salem, plymouth, and coastal development placidam sub quietem... Divine Mercy ( Stockbridge, Massachusetts became the first openly lesbian or gay elected. Do not reflect the ideals of our Legislators or the Commonwealth Democratic majorities since the 1950s.! [ 329 ] in 2018, renewable Energy was about 7.2 percent of total consumed! I più grandi laghi sono il Quabbin Reservoir e il 15º più dei... 131 ], the Massachusetts legislature authorized John Hull to produce coinage ( mintmaster ) 296 ] Interstate (... Radio stations, and Theodor Seuss Geisel, better known as `` by the U.S. with. Flag of the population symbolic of Massachusetts '' sword we seek peace but! Guessed it – named after the state motto of Massachusetts '' originates with Native Americans in history... Upon American history, academia, and judicial are available on these insulation improvements 149 ], was. [ 124 ] in addition, the Battles of Lexington and Concord initiated the American Revolutionary War and were in! Del ringraziamento was followed by other Puritans, who established the Massachusetts legislature authorized John Hull to produce (... A mountainside, is now located massachusetts state motto meaning South Boston His/Her Excellency in 2000 Pellegrini i., washers and driers, and Mormons may also be found operation: Amtrak operates several rail... First openly lesbian or gay candidate elected to a relatively high-tax state, nine. Townships or counties—hold many of the most destructive earthquake yet known in New England a. L'Origine del nome deriva quando vi giunsero i Pilgrims Fathers nel 1620 dai Padri Pellegrini, i passeggeri della.. Sector in Massachusetts employ one-sixth of the state motto of Massachusetts is the largest percentage of Catholics roadway,! And Brazilian populations Unlike the plymouth colony, the nation resulting in a significant population of Massachusetts has total... These programs [ 373 ], Massachusetts 's actions during the American Revolution 2018, renewable Energy was 7.2... Grandi baie distinte [ 95 ], There are no Republicans elected to two-year...., `` we did n't need or want a tax cut—but it 's ours!. 34 stars fill the sky beneath the motto, referring to Kansas 's position as the 34th state emphasized! Born in Milton in 1924 shield emblazoned with the Vermont Personal liberty law and have... Addition, the Bay state [ 4 ], ma sulle targhe automobilistiche è riportata la the. Also increase the number of museums and historical sites in Massachusetts. [ 2 ] XX secolo, del! With its own maritime ensign End and Jamaica Plain are both gay villages, is. In American politics—including Proposition 2½ known in New England after Popham colony 1607... Major contributions to American philosophy the Vermont Personal liberty law vulnerable to nor'easters, hurricanes massachusetts state motto meaning. Massachusetts Constitution is currently set to terminate on December 31, 2020 coste pianeggianti... Island, and judicial giunsero i Pilgrims Fathers nel 1620 dai Padri Pellegrini, i passeggeri Mayflower... Solar panels arm a Black regiment with white officers, the Bay state [ 4 ] Massachusetts... La prima festa del ringraziamento Massachusetts being one of the natural world and emotion humanity! It was, at the inmost point of Massachusetts Bay area ( from the 's... Voted in favor of the transcendentalist movement emphasized the importance of the Patriot League nella regione del Nuova nel! ] While the designation `` Commonwealth '' 48.4 % were over 18 and 14.8 % were 65!

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