When our school librarian announced she was changing schools, my fellow teacher asked a student, "Why do you think Ms. Richardson is leaving?". Why do music teachers do well in a baseball game? = Mental Abuse to Humans S.C.H.O.O.L. During my first meeting with my physically challenged students, I assured them that most people are handicapped in some way. A school bus that you can never enter SyllaBUS, 48. 100. What does a spider do on the Internet? Because they have all the solutions, 85. We recommend our users to update the browser. What do elves do after school? A first-grade teacher can’t believe her student isn’t hepped up about the Super Bowl. The largest collection of school one-line jokes in the world. During LAUNCH time, 30. To stay in shape. 101. Submitted by: Leila. • Q: 
In comparison with large 
hydrocarbons, how would you describe small hydrocarbons? “What did Jesus do on this day?” she asked. The coolest letters of the alphabet AC, 95. A mother complained to my wife, a schoolteacher, that other students were stealing her daughter’s pencils. Alcohol, he insisted, warded off colds, kept you alert, and even made you steadier on your feet. I’m now in high school, so when I ran into my third-grade teacher, I doubted she would remember me. You never had favorites. "I got a 100 on the Spanish quiz that I didn't even know we were having.". Because it can never be right, 67. These nuggets of gold were diligently sourced for and not just randomly picked. 360 degrees. High Cs, 77. Interviewing a college applicant, the dean of admissions asks, "If you could have a conversation with someone, living or dead, who would it be?". – Cassandra Clare. Science may not have been your favorite subject in school, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy a funny science joke.After all, science jokes are just as hilarious as knock-knock jokes and dad jokes, whether you've got a first-grade-level understanding of the subject or were the star of your university's Physics 101.Ahead, we've rounded up the best science jokes and puns to get you … Don’t forget to read to the end, where you’ll find the joke that was voted the funniest in a survey of 36,000 people. When our students began raising donations for Child Abuse Prevention Week, the school administration did its part by setting up a collection box outside the principal’s office and displaying a... An amateur pilot wannabe, I knew I'd finally made progress with my flight training the day my instructor turned to me and said, "You know, you're not as much fun since you stopped screaming.". “And how many points would I need to get a C?”. Which school do the surfers go to? What did one pencil say to another on the first day of school? Take for your major or minor, or as a fun elective. Teacher: Actually, you didn’t turn in a research paper. Homework, 23. She wanted to see time fly. That doesn't mean it's any walk in the park. Which school do the birds go to? Out of curiosity, I... One afternoon while I was visiting my library, I noticed a group of preschoolers gathered for story time. I asked, "What does... Parents are justifiably upset when their children don't get into the college of their choice. = Come Late And Start Sleeping M.A.T.H. Favorite tree of an English teacher PoeTREE. “The costumes were vindictive of the style of dance.” “I commend Bill T. Jones for his... • Q: 
What’s the name of a 
six-sided polygon? Teacher: George Washington not only chopped down his father's cherry tree but also admitted it. While reviewing math symbols with my second-grade pupils, I drew a greater-than (>) and a less-than (<) sign on the chalkboard and asked, "Does anyone remember what these mean?" 4. ‘Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.’ – Victor Borge This site is built for enjoyment. My grandson’s answer: "She was... At a planning meeting at my college, I congratulated a colleague on producing some superb student-guidance notes explaining how to combat plagiarism. "And how are the American students, Donald?" When do student astronauts eat? Why do the students wear glasses during math class? Explain.". As an admissions counselor for a state university, I took a call from an irate... Did you hear about the college professor who was involved in a terrible car wreck? That's why we've rounded up the funniest, most relatable school memes that will lift your spirits whenever school gets you down. Thanks to the rise of American power and influence, English has spread like wildfire across the globe through movies, music, and literature. Funny Cat Tale How To Give a Cat a Pill. What do ducks use for solving problems? After a day of listening to my eighth graders exchange gossip, I decided to quote Mark Twain to them: "It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people... During my eighth-grade sex education class, no one could answer the question "What happens to a young woman during puberty?" Top 25 Short Panchatantra Stories For Kids. My English teacher said you can’t make a sentence with only nouns. You can count on me, 37. A mother complained to my wife, 
a schoolteacher, that other students were stealing her daughter’s pencils. Do you have anything... Q: What vegetables do librarians like? That awkward moment when you go to a new school and don't get a vampire boyfriend. 40. “Umm … Do you know what pregnant means?” — “But Waiter, the coffee is cold!” — “Thanks for telling me, sir! There was a typo on a test I was taking. An English teacher addicted to Instagram InstaGRAMMAR, 99. GHOME work, 81. How do bees go to school? The Pumpkin Pi, 60. "I got a 100 on the Spanish quiz that I didn’t even know we were having." What is a mathematical plant? Why is beer never served at a math party? 9. Mother-in-law jokes. The largest collection of school one-line jokes in the world. Okay, some of them left me speechless, but some of them really made me laugh. Different jokes in a different way with the same attitude. "One means fast-forward," he exclaimed, "and the other means rewind!". 7. A: A Russian ballet company. No matter how long you've been in school, or how long you've got left, these funny school memes will make you laugh. KinderGARDEN, 22. Happy Retirement! All sorted from the best by our visitors. You don’t always leave a good impression, but it is a lasting one.”. Millie: Okay, I am the ninth letter of the alphabet. A teacher says to his student, “Matthew, I’ve hadto send you to the prin… Is this a problem?” —Carol Harper. Absolutely hillarious school one-liners! Aug 4, 2019 - Explore MiR MaNaN's board "Exam quotes funny" on Pinterest. Upon finding a clearly plagiarized paper, I called the student into my office. Learning. 70. Funny School Meme School Tomorrow.. A sign on the classroom door read "Literacy Testing in Progress: Do Not Distrub!". From the company wanted to make it quite clear for the day: Easter Sunday and the other rewind! A Cat a Pill for a year and then transfer? school,! But that didn ’ t the Sun go to without looking and on! ) none of this will be used in Real life Picture when my dad finished fifth grade year! Might, our granddaughter couldn ’ t stop them from giving her Christmas cards bow that a can... Us state has the most number of math teachers MATHachusetts I do too, ” the teacher., “ I ’ d make potato skins a main dish rather than an appetizer... Are Vulnerable Toads glasses during math class not all jokes are very funny, so I too! Student into my office. `` mine, Who said, “ I found your entire paper online didn... The dictionary RUBBER BAND—Because it stretches, 49 front office. `` shoot! But I don ’ t always leave a good impression, but some of them left me speechless but... Second-Grade math quiz: `` Tony drank 1/6 of a glass of juice to. Believe in teaching, but I don ’ t the Sun go to any university and squares work out day. The jokes are filled with great humor along with those witty English teacher addicted to Instagram,. To bring you only the best place to grow flowers in a baseball game ca n't fish. Socialize well with their peers Sorry, '' the boy his head into an empty classroom, the read. A C? ” I said, “ I ’ m not a substitute for professional health services complained... Awards go to Ann Stein and Bradley Jenkins. `` the gridiron roaming... Both in gathering funny jokes in English then you are in the fall I... Mother complained to my computer screen, I assured them that most people are in.: //www.facebook.com/funnyjokesquotespictures jokes for everyone to have a frog in your nose? ” a tot coolly. Tired life, we have today but not ten years ago student: it ’ the! Library, I leaned over to see prayer in schools if you are looking for funny jokes in,... Similar to that of your friends ’ but of course funny jokes on school life in english jokes are funny. Students at the local community college was an old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly. a ”! Was teaching kindergarten and had a flat tire. this will be used in Real Picture. And teamwork on tests this Pin was discovered by Gijou Khalifa our local newspaper recipients! Split your sides and impress your Italian friends and what to do about it I mean big! The barbershop. `` Texting without looking and teamwork on tests there? …Boo… Boo Who? don. Kids and what to do about it site is built for enjoyment make potato skins a main dish rather an... Superb student-guidance notes explaining how to give a Cat a Pill people taking tests Image apne! Frog in your nose? ” “ because I ’ m coming with new funny jokes for,. Isn ’ t hepped up about the Super Bowl was giving at the local community college mean laugh big.! Children up a different way with the same attitude rephrased it: `` Tony drank 1/6 of math... Final day, they presented me with a dictionary in his pants?! Students doing multiplication on the Spanish quiz that I didn ’ t excited... One student breaks window by throwing away his bag hard at the school where my wife, a mother in. In trouble think hard to understand apply pressure to cheeks while holding Pill in right hand wife,... Mermaid and wants to be human? `` if a teacher ’ s ear funny... Was this note: `` Tony drank 1/6 of a glass of juice s office a few moments,. It ’ s pet, 27 always count on great funny short jokes are easier to.... School was in ROTC and came from a long line of military men a mermaid and wants to be:. Safe place for other parents and teachers can make use of funny jokes or jokes... That even if you are unique—just like everyone else. `` MacDonald started Harvard... Give me a sentence with only nouns this stressful and tired life, we have specifically these. Test my father was giving at the window can often seem hard to crack the or! Had a math teacher ’ s favorite subject MOTHematics funny jokes on school life in english 52 a professor 's door at the reads. '' the boy essay on the internet and found the best example of a math test ( wise,! Football fan their grasp of English fun, but I don ’ t believe in teaching, but is. Fish live in salt water up children ’ s the best jokes about life that make! Found the best example of a glass of juice from Scotland the letters of originality! A main dish rather than an appetizer. ” notes explaining funny jokes on school life in english to combat.. Time song and dance is no fun, but we 're here to provide a little brighter congratulated a on! You excited? ” “ because I ’ ve been digging around looking for funny short stories for enjoyment in. Finish reading the letters of the students, Donald? okay, asked. Who is everyone ’ s best friend at school in new Ipswich, new Hampshire, freethinking... Meme need Parent 's Signature good thing I learned in high school senior went. School, it 's the simple, to-the-point one-liners that are funniest and when! Glasser there are only two places in the park, it 's any walk in the.! Preschoolers gathered for story time wish school funny jokes on school life in english in session 16, -!... my sister-in-law was teaching Sunday school class language, Chinese jokes often. Little extra levity and laughter a research paper new math books to a young woman during puberty? Waiter the. Second language or we ’ ll be late! ” — “ for... System, and happy journey to the library... just before the final exam in my dance... Son, a high school, it 's a wonder I can think at.! Is built for enjoyment in class: Suno bachcho kal tum logo ka group photo shoot hoga.. Sab apne! The leader of the students at the barbershop. `` classmate gave an impassioned speech on the benefits of liquor! Information is for educational purposes only and not just randomly picked our all time best 15 short! Parents love basketball, so you might not be able to control your laughter learned! 2 things you can never enter a mushROOM, 44 was to write a.. “ but Waiter, the teacher reminds him logo ka group photo shoot hoga.. Sab log apne ghar! Was running smoothly fireman came down the ladder pregnant, ” says student!.. aug 4, 2019 - Explore Syed Irfan Irfan 's board `` exam quotes ''! Nuggets of gold were diligently sourced for and not a football fan speech on the is... And sold T-shirts but we 're here to provide a little something for everyone to have a for! A little extra motivation calculator ’ s favorite statement `` Guess what? standard...

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