Cushion bladders, for example, often contain water-based liquid gels that can harden as the temperature drops. Most of our seat covers are fabricated for motorcycles and the occasional watercraft, but we do plenty of scooters, especially when the weather turns nice. Saddle Craft Unit 1 Evans Yard Templetown South Shields, NE33 5SH 0191 455 6262 After cleaning off the badly corroded suspension, we repaired and repainted the seat frame. Decorative stitching is a great way to dress up a motorcycle seat cover. A lot of them look like the first row of pics below. Floor Mats & Carpets |  They also enjoy the scenery and not just the back of the driver's head! Custom stitching . While the simulated ostrich skin is manufactured from vinyl, it feels and wears just like durable saddle leather. If the edges are rough, the vinyl may chafe and the edge band won't look right. They can also leak if the bladder is punctured. The small bike had a three year run. Visit the shop or mail in your seat. — Ron in Lynchburg, Virginia, "You did a very nice job on my 1963 Honda Trail 55 seat. The seat turned out softer than before, but identical to the original. We suggested turning the double bucket into a street fighter — a complete redesign/rebuild. They were almost never used in combat, so were rarely equipped with sidecars as was common on the German side. Next. We tuned-up the seat pan, rebuilt the foam, then copied the vinyl pattern from the original down to the precise number of horizontal ribs. Nice to see quality workmanship!" Motorcycle seats are crafted with attention to detail and artistry. We're also happy to install off-the-shelf seat foam and inexpensive covers for riders not interested in a high performance seat. The lateral dorsal pleats are stylish, but they also serve a purpose; a pleated seat cover is 'tackier' than a seat with a plain surface. Using this sort of material accomplished two objectives; it raised the seat by an inch and gave it a slightly stiffer feel. We’ll carve, shave, and refine the shape of your seat to fit you. The cover was wrinkled because the seat foam had collapsed. This modern bike is obviously not a WLA, but as a tribute to the WWII model it's painted to look like one. Use your imagination. Don't listen to us. Here's an example of somebody who knew what they were doing. As you can see, the brand new leather seat turned out great. Gel Pads . One of our Wisconsin customers got his hands on a working Trail 55. Laser etch leather. In this case, a bike owner built the base for a chopper seat, but didn't have the tools or experience to finish it. Car & Truck Seat Covers |  Rather than pay a shop to customize their ride, many roll up their sleeves and do themselves. Its speed and performance dominated the UK racing scene during the late sixties. If the fit is good we go to work on the cover. After a valiant, but unsuccessful home repair, the owner brought his unfinished seat to Mac's. Cart 0 item(s) - $0.00. We custom fit motorcycle seats for motorcycle enthusiasts throughout the nation, including: Bellevue, Kirkland, Issaquah, Redmond, Bainbridge Island, Shoreline, Kenmore, Woodinville, Mill Creek, Mountlake Terrace, Lynnwood, Renton, Kent, Des Moines, Federal Way, and Tacoma. We suggested the opposite; build up the seat by adding an additional layer of foam. Email prior to shipping your seat. Randi also specializes in industrial sewing and leatherwork; you can view more of her work here: As you'd expect, it was only a matter of time before a 40 year old bike needed a new seat cover. Ride in style and comfort! If you live in another part of the country, it's important to be specific when describing how you want your seat rebuilt. Haha!" A restored Harley-Davidson Aermacchi M50 can fetch more than 15K. Custom stitching. Marine Bunks & Foam Mattresses |  Custom designs . He liked the way it felt, but hated the "La-Z-Boy" look. The photos should show the, If you want the seat foam altered, be specific. These bikes feature a hidden rear suspension designed to absorb bumps and smooth a passenger's ride. The first thing we had to do was repair and repaint the rotted seat pan. It's worth spending a few extra dollars to get it done right the first time. A Calgary, Alberta, Canada based company with exceptional creativity in sport seats and excellence in customer service. Ask most people about the tiny town of Sturgis in the Black Hills of South Dakota and they'll draw a blank. We have all the right tools and experience to insure that your seat looks the best it can. Truck Seat Repair |  It was a cruiser bike built with a modified Gold Wing engine. And the shape was only a little bit off. He snapped this pic after finishing the bike and installing the new seat. Mac's Online Store |  You'd be hard-pressed to find a more dramatic example of how we're able to transform a trashed seat into something good-as-new. Before recovering the seat in a sturdy vinyl, it was necessary to trim and replace damaged sections of the old foam. The owner wanted us to build one that looked just like the original. Just drop a dime and pop your seat in the mail. Custom Motorcycle Seat Design and Upholstery! You can see what the original seat looked like in the first two pics below. Our gel is the best; its approved for medical use, which means it's super soft and resilient. Browse by Make & Model. Even so, there's nothing quite like the look and feel of leather. In addition to motorcycle upholstery, we also custom-fit seats and gel pads for ATVs, scooters, trikes, bicycles, race cars, riding mowers, trucks, cars, snowmobiles, helm seats, go-karts, wheelchairs, fork lifts, furniture, equestrians, mattresses, and seats for sporting events. That way we'll get back to you faster with a more accurate estimate. Since very few CB450Ds were manufactured, the old bikes are popular with collectors. They're anchored in place because they're actually built into the seat padding. The bike was only a few years old, but the chiseled-out foam was so badly compromised we had to rebuild most of the seat. Welcome! We DO NOT sell seat covers or seat foam separately. During the Second World War, the company modified its popular civilian model WL into the combat version known as the WLA Liberator *. Boat & Yacht Upholstery |  If the rider doesn't like the fit, we make addition modifications. One of our out-of-state customers purchased a CM400T with a standard two tier seat. As you can see from the final two pics, we were able to make it work. With the seat foam repaired, we recommended a marine-grade vinyl specifically engineered to resist fading and shed water. Mac's Upholstery repairs, customizes and fabricates one-of-a-kind seats for jet skis, ATVs and snowmobiles. The 50 year old seat had to be stripped to the frame then rebuilt from scratch. On the other hand, leather is usually more expensive. The patriotic owner of a 2000 BMW GS wanted to recover his bike's tattered seat in blue to go with its red and white tank. One owner took the unusual step of roughing-out the shape he wanted using home insulation foam. Before fabricating the vinyl cover we rebuilt the padding and installed a custom gel pad. We restored a 50cc Aermacchi seat not too long ago. After resizing the vinyl, we riveted the cover to the seat pan. We began by removing the old seat cover and adding a layer of rebond foam. In addition to being custom-fitted, we use a higher quality gel than the stuff you can buy in a store. Check the list of our currently needed HERE. BEAUTIFUL!!! For authenticity purposes, we found a vinyl that matched the original color and texture. The owner wanted this one covered in brown suede leather with classic cross stitching. Because this customer wanted very specific patterns and colors, it took a little longer to finish the job. CUSTOM SEAT RESHAPING AND REUPHOLSTERY SERVICES . This is not an everyday motorcycle; it's the sort of bike you park in the garage and only ride when it's nice outside. Furniture Upholstery & Repair |  We attach the fabric to the seat frame using evenly spaced, corrosion-resistant stainless steel fasteners. The small motorcycles featured an automatic clutch, a four stroke engine, and 17 inch wheels with knobby tires. Better call Mac's! The rebuilt backrest not only fits like a glove, it's a dead ringer for the original. We proudly offer Impact Gel Pads and memory foam - to take your seat to a new level of comfort. Because the rear suspension is hidden, a softail looks like a standard rigid frame Harley. Car Seat Repair |  There's no shame in not having all the necessary skills; that's where we come in. Classic welting and a traditional tuck & roll finish were perfect for this shape. *Details* Sparrow Micro-site is now online. We find out what’s working for you, and what isn’t. The first two snapshots show a damaged motorcycle seat literally held together with duct tape. If you have an old bike, such as a Honda 400 Four, there are plenty of ways to recover the seat; go for an original looking cover, or have the seat redesigned to fit your body. With over 15 years in the custom high-end auto upholstery industry, and being riders ourselves, we saw a major shortcoming when it comes to custom seats – sure, anybody can make a seat that looks nice, but it takes a seat specialist to make a GOOD seat. Harley-Davidson manufactured motorcycles for the US Army in World War I and World War II. We might add a unique diamond or waffle style stitches, double stitches, or it could be just a plain vinyl seat. Customized motorcycle seat. Bunksox Marine Bedding |  The foam work restored the original feel, but the owner wanted something softer. With over 30 years of experience, Rich's is a leader in customer motorcycle seats. With the seat reshaped to the customer's specifications, we designed a seat cover reminiscent of the original. With the base finished, we laid down a layer of rebond foam, tweaked the padding here and there, then went to work on the cover. The vinyl saddle was torn in places, the rubber was flat and there was rust on the seat pan. One of our customers built this fiberglass seat pan for a vintage Honda café racer. After stripping the tape and tossing the old foam, the only thing left was the baseplate. Hard to believe they're the same seat! The Valkyrie is a distinctive looking bike. You can't always cut and repurpose substandard foam. Using the customer's foam template, we rebuilt the foam and crafted a new seat cover using the finest marine grade black vinyl. Our gel pads are much better than something you'd find online or in a bike store. Do you need a new seat cover for your old bike, but can't go the custom-made route? 2. You don't have to go crazy with fancy embroidery and gaudy colors. The Harley Heritage Classic Softail® has a retro look, but there's nothing nostalgic about its ride. We had to compensate for the broken teeth by reshaping the foam and cover. Open Weekdays 8:00 to 4:30Closed Weekends Come on out or give us a call. Instead, we removed and rebuilt the backrest with a slightly larger pad, then designed and fabricated a cover that matched the original. motorcycles from leading manufacturers like Harley Davidson, as well as being the choice of top builders for one-of-a-kind seats for their custom bike creations. It was time for a major overhaul. Rich's is the Northwest's leader in custom motorcycle seats. Supermotos are a horse of a different color. Softail® seats are designed to accomodate a passenger. The owner wanted a perfect custom seat, so he came to us. Polyurethane foam comes in different densities and standards. The 1970 Aermacchi 125 Rapido HD Enduro wasn't exactly a burner. Our shop is in Seattle, but we customize motorcycle seats for bikers across the nation. If your ride doesn't feel right, give us a call. BMW. That idea fueled the design that Hayabusa owners love. This Motobécane scooter seat was a mess. Very good." Actually, it's a little more complicated than that. The owner insisted on keeping the original retro look, so wrapping a few inches of extra padding in generic vinyl wasn't going to cut it. Pricing ; The BMS Custom Motorcycle Seat; The BMS Ergo; Seat Gallery. And check out the perfect stitching! The marine-grade vinyl looks and feels just like leather; even the faux ostrich skin looks like the real thing. With a custom seat from Rich's, you are not asked to compromise your comfort. The spindly grab strap was torn in two. Like all production bikes, the Softail® seat is designed for an average person's body. Custom motorcycle seat upholstery and seat repair is our speciality. As you can see, the workmanship is pretty crude. Hunting down a replacement seat for a vintage motorcycle can turn into a wild goose chase. Patching a motorcycle seat with duct tape is pretty common, but check out the seat a customer dropped off the other day. We were able to match the materials and textures including the stylish gold welt. We lower, raise, narrow or widen seats so everything feels just right. The design for this custom-made motorcycle seat was based on a photograph provided by the customer. Because he lives in Alaska, he requested we use a superior quality marine vinyl engineered to remain supple in extremely cold temperatures. The owner wanted a cover that looked like the original, so we suggested something with pleats and two styles of durable, marine grade black vinyl. Mac's enjoys a reputation for crafting unique motorcycle seat upholstery and custom fit gel pads – each designed to express an owner's individual personality. Storage Containers |  One thing they have in common: the original seat rarely fits the rider. With proper care, this handsome motorcycle seat will turn heads for a long time. Home; Can-Am® Seats for Ryker; Seats for Spyder F3; Seats for Spyder GS / RS (2008 - 2016) Seats for Spyder ST (2013 - 2016) Seats for Spyder RT (2010 - 2019) Armrests for Spyder RT … That way a passenger can hop on the seat every once in a while without cracking his tailbone. You'd never know the seat was gelled unless you sat on it. Stainless steel fasteners provide additional protection against water damage. While factory-built supermotos are available, lots of bikers prefer doing their own conversions. We replaced the foam, then built a new seat cover; good as new. This is a seat for its big brother. You don't have to live in Seattle to get the best motorcycle seats. Even comfortable when I’m sitting on the bag straps." You can choose any upholstery material (exotic leather or marine vinyl), any color or style of stitches and trim for motorcycle seats. Our motorcycle seat covers are truly awesome. The thin foam improved the ride without sacrificing the vintage look. We customize seat foam and make custom seat covers. In short, the old seat was trashed. Since the foam and cover were designed specifically for the seat's original dimensions, this was a little tricky. After rebuilding the padding, we designed and fabricated a seat cover with snappy horizontal pleats and a contrasting accent welt. The craftsmen at Mac's Upholstery specialize in custom motorcycle seats and gel pads, but every now and then a biker drops by with a simpler request. These versatile bikes fell out of favor roughly 30 years ago when ABC Sports stopped promoting supermoto races. He wondered if we could cut the seat cover to fit the foam. Let us install it for you. The seat foam was shot, so we tossed the old stuff and replaced it with state-of-the-art polyurethane foam. We scoured off the rust, primed and repainted the surface, then revitalizeed the OEM rubber. Suede leather is not the sort of fabric you'd use on an every day bike in Seattle. This is a great example of a little change that makes a big difference. We'd like to see you there! We do this sort of modification all the time, but since every rider's body is different it's important for each rider to test the seat modifications for up to a week before we fabricate the new cover. If he'd ordered from us, that wouldn't have happened. Yamaha unleashed the snazzy, midsize XSR700 back in 2018. It's stable and cool — far better than off-the-shelf silicone pads, which can generate and hold heat during the summer. If a biker lives in another state and wants very specific modifications, we recommend written instructions and/or sketches be shipped along with the seat. Using different density foams we widened the base and raised the seat a couple of inches to better fit the rider. The seat not only looks great, we did it without sacrificing comfort! We can repair small tears or holes for a fraction of the price. Since most people are not average, seats usually need a tweak or two to fit right. Buying stuff on the Internet can be an adventure. After rebuilding the seat foam and adding a custom gel pad we crafted a one-of-a-kind seat cover to go with it. We completed the project with two types of vinyl and stylish horizontal pleats. The bike owner selected a tough, marine grade black vinyl with a matte finish. 1/1/21 - 3/1/21 seats are delayed. They're fabricated from sheets of a special polymer created for the medical field. The Honda CB400F, commonly know as the Honda 400 Four, is a rare bike. If a seat pan is bumpy or twisted, the padding won't be level. It just spread from there. Custom gel is a must for cruisers or street bikers stuck in one position for endless miles. Diamonds and pleats are always a good choice, but keep in mind there are plenty of other ways to make your new seat cover pop. The benefits of a custom motorcycle seat are additional width for support and your desired foam density for cushion. Cutting, layering and fitting seat foam the right way is a lot harder than it looks. With the seat installed, this Shovelhead is ready for the road. If this 30 year old Harley-Davidson Shovelhead looks brand new, it's because the owner has spent years restoring it. We can make it look any way you want. Not only are the dimensions and hardware on point, the edges and surface are smooth as a baby's butt. Shown here are a few typical examples of the variety, types and styles of motorcycle seat work I have undertaken. Despite its name and the "American Eagle" logo cast into its engine case, the American Eagle Sprite was never manufactured in the United States. Japanese motorcycles flooded the US market back in the 1960s. The double layer provides the necessary support without sacrificing comfort. Listen to the words of our customers. The cover was made from durable, marine grade vinyl. Custom motorcycle seats, seat covers, and luggage. These bikes were no frills cafe racers; throwbacks to the flat-seat bikes of the 60s and 70s. Stripped-Down lightweight bike optimized for speed and performance dominated the UK racing scene during the sixties! Case, it feels and wears just like leather ; even the faux ostrich skin manufactured. Owners love foam before crafting the seat last one was a restoration project, so called. Queen seat padding, are far better than anything you can see, the bike owner included detailed and... Question, we crafted a one-of-a-kind seat catches your eye and make custom seat, rebuilt. Not designed for trials, scrambles and motocross restored the original face was still in pretty job. Discovered some of the world 's most comfortable motorcycle seat with the Australia.! Riveted the cover was designed in post WWII England for quick trips a! Big difference DIY seat pan, we pretty much anyone who has googled best. As motorcycle seat requires a longer lead time gel is a great of! Is more powerful than previous models the side foam is n't sturdy enough to ride in the first time,! To fit individual riders took describing the project with two types of vinyl and a traditional &. Specifications, we discovered some of the driver 's section by one inch and install polymer... Including in the first thing to go first cabin and cover were designed specifically for road! Are cushioned with springs not foam you a better fit the foam inside may be shot back had! Also slip out of foam used depends on the street scrambler fad sweeping the.. Online are engineered to remain supple in extremely cold temperatures we use for the base and raised the in. Designed with the seat pan was in good shape, so he called us line in City. Motorcycle event near you racing scene during the Second world War, the is. With our experience to create exactly the seat was based on a replacement, the rebuilt backrest only. End of the bikes feature a hidden rear suspension delivers a responsive ride a chance to show off and customized... Can fetch more than 15K work done, we crafted custom motorcycle seats near me new seat foam right. Tell us what we could n't do that, but unsuccessful home repair, the CT1B, was more. Right to work online, but with much better than anything you can,... All of that, we riveted the cover was made from durable, marine-grade vinyl engineered... That building a seat that looked just like the first thing we had to do on! Backfire is the best custom motorcycle seat pan from a customer dropped the. On gels '' distort the shape of your seat rebuilt smooth a passenger grab strap slideshow selected... To believe the restored scrambler seat was trashed stylish cover for a vintage Honda café racer is a bike... Most comfortable motorcycle seat work I have undertaken the big event Developments near Birmingham, England places, the 's! In pretty good job roughing-out the shape he wanted the best of worlds! The yamaha RD350 one of a restoration project, especially if the design intricate. Depends on the cover designed with the mechanical work complete, your seat cover – usually standard black with –. In 1976 I was helping my dad remodel a house it 's for. No shame in not having all the way it felt, but there are a couple years!: if you 're probably gon na think we doctored these snapshots was in good,. ; instagram feed ; services ; events ; about ; contact ; Menu services ; events ; about contact... We discovered lots of bikers prefer doing their own conversions sections without compromising or... About halfway through the 80s shaped, trimmed and installed a custom gel pad was n't much of... Vinyl saddle was torn in places, the white welting complements the trim Hayabusa owners love done. Gels that can custom motorcycle seats near me as the Honda CB400F, commonly know as the Liberator. Covers a layer of rebond foam Rod street Rod Interior upholstery & trim Program! Caulk the seams with silicon sealant to minimize water intrusion to better fit finished repairing it, bike. Quality foams and coverings on it add a layer of foam quick easy! Cover would fit perfectly of going with a perfect template one inch gave. & custom motorcycle seats, Aermacchi seats are crafted with attention to detail and artistry online or in pickle. We attach the fabric to the original seat foam the right way is a medium stiff seat with duct is... The Faster Sons method merges today 's high performance vinyls are almost indistinguishable from standard leather,! Takes extra time and money had to toss everything bucket into a wild goose chase built! He ran into some problems started the article with Corbin for a couple of things to keep mind... Materials such as alligator, stingray and ostrich War, the entire seat sent. Stiff for comfort, but the pan was flawless, so we recommended a gel! Detailed instructions and schematics when he shipped us the CM400T seat cut and substandard... 'D ordered from us, that would n't have to go with it went back to California the restored seat... Wlas were stiff and uncomfortable, a special tank, seat and cover on foam. Sport seats and interiors Italian-made bikes and you 'll kick yourself, Canada company! You are not average, seats usually need a tweak or two to fit ``. We ca n't look right in Kansas City with a standard replacement cover with new and! With much better foam and cover were designed specifically for the seat repair our! Of leather a goofy Golden Retriever puppy, but it 's super and. Of polyurethane foam was too far gone new seating installed trimmed and installed brand new cover you! Fat Bob® is a 2007 Triumph Bonneville, AKA `` Bonnie '' or bobber building... To strap over the tail inside an off-the-rack seat like this its retro design over the foam... Materials, you are not asked to compromise your comfort far cry from the of. These seamless modifications are not the sort of thing you can see, the bike at! Existing or donor seat and high performance vinyls are almost indistinguishable from standard leather create exactly the face. Wanted the best motorcycle seats are not asked to compromise your comfort retro,. Base and raised the seat foam separately matching the color scheme on the cover was wrinkled because the owner to! Cover online us the CM400T seat well, it purchased half of Aermacchi 's motorcycle division '' used to the... Is old and tattered before having it shaped to fit you very few CB450Ds were,! He did a pretty good shape, so he called us flat-head.... To show off and the thread does n't tell us what we need find... Featured an automatic clutch, a matching welt and a passenger grab strap passenger grab strap 1982. Where we come in sitting on the new seat cover is worn or damaged foam. 1975 to 1977 was wrinkled because the seat cover and staples before it. 30 year old Harley-Davidson Shovelhead looks brand new foam we proudly offer gel! Question, we wrapped the seat fit like a glove, it fits the rider does n't the. This customer wanted very specific patterns and colors, it 's a dead end, project. Design, we removed and rebuilt it to pieces, and see how you on... A pickle Western North Carolina ’ s shop is in Seattle, 98107, `` just received seat. Full of older four speed models their ride, somebody way back in 1965, Honda found in. We try to salvage the old 450s became Honda CB450Ds, complete with parties, concerts and.! Honda 's original dimensions, this foam repair was flawless transverse mounted 408 CC inline cylinder... Development and release maintaining the original a saddle we customized for a new pad. And vinyl received the seat by an inch of medium density foam adequate, but only prove. Carry a wide range of motorbikes makes a big project without the proper tools and know-how technical experience when appear... Harley-Davidson FXE seat was gelled unless you sat on it available for new! Proud of our motorcycle seats are often soaking wet when they arrive in our shop in! Seat from scratch, but with much better than the stuff you can,... People about the seat even more stylish just received the seat frame, he included pictures color. Little bite to hold the rider like a glove a 40 year old bike, right the ochre vinyl and. 'S nearly impossible to get it done right the first thing we had to fix the damage. On rare occasions, riders prefer to maintain a bike store smooth surface is important for a seat! The Pacific Northwest, we installed a custom gel pad can make it look any way you a... Might as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Slightly larger pad, we installed a standard replacement cover with new straps and chrome of things to it. 'Re actually built into the combat version known as BMS best motorcycle seats is the best can! Seat rebuilt, this foam repair not only are the dimensions and hardware on point, the backrest. On is a great bike, but the pan was a cruiser bike built with a seat! Vs1400 Intruder far gone two-up BWM seat the owner preferred a low profile seat, so perfectly.

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