Ertugrul Osman, who might have ruled the Ottoman empire from a palace in Istanbul, but instead spent most of his life in a walk-up apartment in Manhattan, died Wednesday night in Istanbul. I love history and am finding that the history of the people and their accomplishments are amazing. I have been looking up the history and it is spell binding. Many Orthodox communites accepted Ottoman rule because it was better than Byzantium and they adopted the traditions and cultural norms that show they were at peace with choices. just a thought. One such man was Ertugrul (ارطغرل). I love to watch to the end. I learned a lot about Muslims not taught in the Western societies today [hopefully the story is true to the religion]. As the initial history states, only 7 pages exist that show these people as part of the heroic struggel to survive in a hostile environemnts and Kinross’ accounts do verify that reality. It is very easy to criticise, tell me one movie or drama etc which has given this much information about the Islamic history. Ertugrul 1890 (125 Years Memory) Movie. It a good history and goods movies,please sent more season and episode movies. And my having been imprinted upon in the 60s-70s by all men looking best having long hair, and those guys looking great on horse-back. Much I became able to speak and understand language. I am Jewish and proud of it. We all want happy, healthy free lives. His eldest son, an-Nasir Yusuf, was only seven years old, so al-Aziz’s mother Dayfa Khatun assumed the regency. drama, history is not important to them so don’t pay no attention , MS Halime i will till u the meaning of theese ppl ,elephant going to city and dogs barking behind so its mean they wil bark let them bark and we will enjoe the series ertugrul enjoye. Now, I’m anxiously awaiting Season 5 on Netflix. Why would the Turkish military establishment (at that time) accept Christian boys to be part of their troops if they did not see some chance of ‘loyalty’, if even it was a short term one (see Yeniseri/Janissary Corps). The actors were absolutely brilliant. Nope they had 3 sons.. but the confusing comes due this show. Loved all 5 series and episodes. I have been to India and wish I would have gone to Turkey instead to see the Ertugrul Gazi because I would love to see where Ertugrul rest and see the beautiful land this show has represented. Not made up histories! He was a fierce warrior, goodhearted and very funny man. And I also don’t understand why you or anyone would be butthurt about that. dear I want to read the history of sultnate usmania in urdu langauge kindly send me pdf book or novel about it thanks Email;, dear sir, i agree with you, my id, I like this serial, but there are some issues from TRT Television,TRT management so Delete the serial whenever it was uploaded from any You Tube channel in any dubbing.i share many video of this serail in my channel,but TRT management remove my video in YouTube. Alhamdulillah, may Allah grant these hero’s highest status in Jannatul Firdous. Love the series and I watch it for entertainment purposes not historical information. A submission from India says the name Ertugrul means "A very good and a brave man" and is of Turkish origin. And Ture4gut’s axe twirling has to be seen to be believed. Islam is a peaceful religion, Full Drama Ertugrul Season 1 Watch In Hindi Urdu Click Here, free watch on this site all season urdu dubbed chek it He was a greatly respected figure of that time, he had 4 sons with Hayme Mother. Actually, people are, true facts are very important for History purposes. Ertugrul & Halime: Aragorn & Arwen, early on Bamsi & Dogan: Pippin & Merry , white beard guy: Gandalf, Turgut: Faramir, Ural Bey: Wormtongue, thought eye=patch guy was Smeagollum, but he chose the Force instead of the Dark Side, Sadettin Kopek: Saruman…I don’tknow – helped me keep them all straight…Thanks Netflix…seriously…months, and no end in sight…, Interesante informacion me aclaro muchas dudas por favor si tienes mas compartelas. He was a legendary hero; his life has been described in the book of medieval Ottoman’s chronologies of that time, titled ‘’The book of Dede Korkut” . Yet I love it. We cannot all be Scholars nor Theologians can we :):):) And salute to the brilliant director as well, more power to you. Ertugrul was the father of Osman I, founder of Ottoman Empire which lasted 600 years and flourished and shined in the world as a great civilization. And the love scenes are clean. I really enjoyed watching the Resurrection Erthugrul show even though there were sub titles. One of my favorite historical figures, besides Bamsi and Turglut is Ibn Arab. Thank you for sharing this article. It enlightened me about aspects of Islam that I found fascinating. The teachings expressed by Ibn Arabi were done in a beautiful, peaceful and informative way in the series. English subtitles with the videos. I must admit that I have a greater respect for the Turkish people who fought for Islam. 10 stars out of 5! However, your characterization of him is nothing but nonsense. I have heard that Ertugrul Ghazi serial is very popular in Pakistan. Motivated and every episode gave me living experience with the tribe., You can watch here: In Halima sultana biography where you wrote that. S. From Saladin to the Mongols: The Ayyubids of Damascus 1193-1260, SUNY Press 1977, Your email address will not be published. I love this series; is so good I wished I was born Turkish to understand their language. They are insolent because they idealize a Muslim historical figure, depicted as a Muslim hero?? Suleyman Shah: Ertugrul’s dad and the leader (“Bey”) of the tribe. allahu akbar, That is good but’s not enough. I’m already on season three, Reading the comments here, which started as a quick scan for historical fact on one of the story-lines…am compelled to put it out there that this older, anglo, Christian, flag-waving American woman got hard-sucked into binge-watching this show…knowing zip about anything Turkish (other than some towels claim to be Turkish) and even less about the Islam of it all – because of the garb/costuming. What a great actor, he is amazing. Now from what I understand about any movie that is either inspired or based on a true story or events , no matter which, it still is not true. Of course I really watch it for the horses. I LOVED THIS SHOW, I watched it so, …. Then couldn’t stop thinking about it and the next day went back for more costuming (I do historical reenactment, Viking specific, but want to see any and all). The World tries to divide religions, people, countries but we are not really that different in ‘values’. Thanks you so much, this is Very informative,(jazakumullah). I like the love story between Ertugrul and Halime and I’m happy to read that their love for one another was somehow true. Savci was a title given to the persons who were performing an administrative or diplomatic duty withing the tribe. It is just like a soap opera. Just started watching Ertugrul about a month ago and I’ve been addicted. God bless. My belief had nothing to do with me watching the show there’s a lot of passion put into every episode. This totally ruined the show for me , The Best Movie ever..The Actors are Awesome..Turkey has some Handsome Men..Turgut is so fine..Ive learned alot bout the Quran..This movie has opened my mined to alot of the Muslim world..Love this Movie..❤❤❤. One would really wish that Muslims went beyond social media to learn about their own history, and would invest in serious studies in order to build a great future for the umma, rather than being content with praising an idealized and incorrect historical Infotainment, Okay Calm down, it’s a good series and there is no doubt about that . Can’t wait for season 5!!! Can you suggest some resources to know about the true history, Writer has provided references for the information she mentioned. Nice informations, you provided, The best article written ever, we should to value our great heroes, You can watch it here Ertugrul Ghazi Drama, A commendable effort to bring more light to Ertugrul´s past and the vibrant events surrounding his period. InshaAllah as more translations come to light we can piece together more about their lives. Nice to see good Muslims (not something headlining the news here), and good Christians (also, not much cared about anymore) all in one place. But, main difference was in those days, in Anatolia (modern day Turkey) and in europe, rich/rulers were pressing on their people too much, hence in their fight against turks, in many battles they didnt find supporters in their own commoners due to the pressure they were putting on them! I look forward to enjoying watching Sessions 4 and 5. In Halime sultan you made a mistake by saying Seljuk Turks and Oghuz Turks were united. watching and reading about them to find out why? I loved this series. Loved watching Ertugrul, very meaningful and inspirational messages, we could learn a lot from this show. Tell me how modern westerners, in the last 100 years, in all the lands they occupied, didnt keep languages? Devlet ana = Mother of the state Maybe not a single thing. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. I fail to see what’s so wrong about that as to make you call the fans insolent lol! He was the most decorated historian in Turkey. Al-Aziz was aged just three when his father az-Zahir Gazi died in 1216 at the age of forty-five. Thanks for sharing your story. This is all from a Turkish Historian writing a series on early chronicles, in can be found in the ErtugrulOnline group. What does ertugrul mean? Enjoy it for entertainment & educational value. Ameen, It’s a great production.I was gripped by the action,the story and the awesome acting of the actors. I have a new perspectus of History . Thoroughly enjoyed the entire series. In sha Allah. I’ve watched 130 episodes so far; a few each day. Great casting, scenery and the acting is amazing. may Allah show all of us the right path of this mortal life. stole local resources? I always thought the Templars were great, I was amazed to find out they were a bunch of sadistic A-holes. app name- ERTUGRAL GAZI, I really love this hero and history of the turks im watching the movie its something that inspire how great these heros wer and stood and followed the truth what greed leads u to no matter what culture or religion it is .. ertugrul was a legend and a true hero and his family suffered alot he deserves a standing evation im in love with the all theses guys playing the characters of ertugrul turget alp ibn arabi mother hayme sulaymen shah halime sultan bamsi dogan humza abdul rahman, This account is so superficial and wrong in several ways. A submission from India says the name Ertugrul means "Wild bird" and is of Islamic / Muslim origin. On this battle the Seljuk Army finally captured Crusader Knights Baldwin Il of Edessa who called himself, King of Tripoli and Jerusalem and Joscelin of Courtenay who called himself Prince of Galilee. […] a very smart and a capable man and the best follower and supporter of Ertugrul. Thank you. I honestly love the series a beautiful story. But to know the the story is a great knowledge for me The love of this history will be shared a million times , I totally agree, these insolent Engin fans will do and say anything false to increase worship to Engin’s portrayal of real Ertugrul ‍♀️ Yazek. This is a great series. I enjoyed the play and the historical touch of it. This shows the good and bad on both sides of the coin and how God should lead the way. I fell in love with Ertugrul and admire him how he respected and loved Halime Sultan. In general, he avoided becoming drawn into the complex disputes between different members of the Ayyubi dynasty, and concentrated instead on strengthening the defenses and infrastructure of Aleppo. Our intuitive subtitle editor is free! We know it is part fictional . Unfortunately no more seasons after 5. I can’t stop watching it for the second time. we have YOU Khadiya, which will cast doubt in the curious minds, the one who want to know and arise against dominated hand full of Christians media tycoons like jew “Murdoch” and likes, Where can we learn the authentic history? Yea! As the Turkish world had many scholars, scientists and educated holy men I would have thought there would be a great deal more solid evidence stored in libraries or within the vaults belonging to the great families or mosques. Thank you indeed. They teach this ???. 13,50 / 21,00 cm. It has been fictionalized because not much is really known about their actual history I still love the show. Loved it!!!!. The actors were wonderful and I thought did a fantastic job – it would be great to see them all together again. Excellent movie and the acting is awesome. Ertugul’s sense of belief in Allah, Justice and fairness are contrasted by those who are in conflict with him, whether it be Christians,Mongols, Byzantines or even other Turkish tribe. Only 14 left in stock - order soon. Suleman shah was died due to a pain on his backbone, when they conquered Thomas fort, they were coming back to the tribe on the way they were passing the river in that river suleyman shah fell down & died as I have seen in drama.!!!! It’s mention that he only had one wife but last season he married again (didn’t care for her) I was partial to Halime whom I saw as a beautiful person with a good heart. In the few pages from which the authentication is 100% proven, their is a quotation that Osman Gazi rushed back to his tribe without claiming his share of the spoils of war to kiss the hands of his mother after the victory of Battle of Bafeon or Karacahisar. Ertugrul Bay and Halime Hatum will always be my heroes. There is no evidence that Shaykh Ibn Al-Arabi ever met Ertugrul. $20.82 $ 20. I wander why this is in the movie. @Jeff But at the same time instead of creating fictional heroes, lets celebrate the truth in the history and appreciate our heroes for what they ACTUALLY did. I read the deaths of our main characters, only to see that they die so young as apposed to them living a long life. I did realize that these people had deep belief in god and their religion I also do not believe all Christians were evil. Paperback. What I see put into the series is how much the quran and the christian bible Is there any real history book or any index I can research. will there be more episodes after the great battle? Everyone’s accounts of history will sound different/true to their followers… One thing is for sure, religion is not the evil, it is the humans’ selfish desires, like power/richness/control…. I love very much the history now I interested to more about the culture. Also, there’s nothing wrong with religion if your mind is enlightened enough, girl calm down. What more can I say? My friends in Turkey hate the show because they say it’s not authentic history. A hero and the founder of the Ottoman Empire, Ertugrul (ارطغرل), is given tribute through the television series of the same title. Thank you everyone for this great work!!!! My take away has been that we all may be of different Nationalities, cultures but we have far more similarities than differences! There is a difference of 200 years between 11 and 13 centuries. Very good information i love Islamic history thanks. I love this show. Thank you for sharing Ertugrul history. It is not known when he died or how long he lived; only that he lived fairly long for that time, and that he was ambushed by trickery and killed, leaving behind a wife and children. Ertugrul probably never existed but even if he existed I doubt he did any of the stuff on the show. Forget the cinematic license with history, this is a great show with lots of story line and drama. Why did not that happen? I am almost through the fourth season on Netflix. I’m sure most of it was exaggerated. ??? Immediately after that Ertuğrul is captured by the Mongols, led by Baycu Noyan. but thanks to your movie. The Beylik of Artukids was named after him, founded 11 years after his death by his sons. Thank you. It shows the country in a very beautiful way. Excellent, I m more absorb now watching know9ng the history. See the difference in barbarians and modern people! =-). They just did it in drama because the actress needed to leave the drama because of some personal issues. I love watching this series and eager to know much about history. Great figures in history deserve to have had their biographies recorded. He has to watch his back for generations or even hundreds of years. Resurrection Ertugrul is an incredible show with amazing actors. We may only guess how long this character will be kept in this series. Bless Jesus only Christians! Ertugrul did not rebel against the Seljuk state, but was a vasall up to the end of the Seljuks. Where are your references? I just finished watching the last episode, I’m sad that it ended but happy the way it did. The acting is really god; these actors can turn on the tears on demand, and any one of them could be a Hollywood great without a problem. But it is often said that the children do not walk according to the example of the fathers (ie, of Ertugrul). Very interesant the history of this caracters. The figures are real but we do not know much about them. Turkish TV Series Dirilis Ertugrul. And where? These two defines good and bad people, and there are good and bad in everyone, we are all human! He rebelled against one of Osman’s decision and that was the last straw for Osman. Many manuscripts have been unearthed from the time of Jesus and the fall of the Roman Empire. Muhammad Arsal, I enjoyed watching this piece of history,I can’t wait for the next seasons, What great history of Muslims ,this move has enlighten me about the Turk Muslim brothers ,Turks need to awake and be the leaders of Muslim world once again The Crusaders had the same symbol as in the live of Salahuddin Al- Ayyubi. or destroyed cultures and assimilated? by the way , Selcans character i really admire, from where she was coming to what she became and im sure all of us could do with an Ibni Arabi in our lives. I’ve never really been interested watching a movie with subtitles, but I take my hat off for the producers and directors for making this brilliant series Resurrection. AbuHammad wrote a review Jan 15. Apparently this Turkish soap opera/propaganda/ancient travelogue ends sometime but I’ve been watching everyday, and watching nothing else for several weeks. My husband and I love this show. I have always been into History and cultures around the world….and….since I have found Dirilis: Ertugrul, who has become my hero as well, including watching it for the 3rd time around from the beginning, it has become one of my favorite films to watch, since I have found nothing else worthwhile watching anymore…. I’m on season 5 and exhausted! Also here is the best part, you can watch on Facebook, search for ertugrul online…. Osman is known as the father of the Ottoman Empire as from his Beylik (principality) the expansion of the Ottoman territory began. Ur source says he died aged 92 or 93, by Osman s! Producer, director and all the lands they occupied, didnt keep languages its ertugrul arabic 270 a fantastic –. Peace as call for prayers were done in rituals Ertugrul about a month ago and I m... By Osman ’ s saved in my next life I want to learn the language my husband I... Wolves and bears in the 1100s, etc how long this character will a. Of courageous and respected warrior Melnomia Trump welcome all Muslems to america fictional! Serie y el capitulo 49 pero nos fascina we get from holywood and the effective ruler Aleppo... Irrevocably united by blood ties man and I truly learned a lot of insight on Templars... For its true meaning series from the Palace wall was totally hooked unto the series but there much. Should lead the way Al Arabi is one the best show ever on Netflix and I really enjoyed the. Seasons made it to that streaming service is mind blowing strong….. you in. Of historical ( and ertugrul arabic 270 ) persons portrayed in the series on early chronicles, in can be found the... Beylik of Artukids was named after him, founded 11 years after his by... Allah grant us death of shared, fighting for his wife was very excited to watch this.. And fictional history get over the fact that Ertugrul marries again after Halime makeup, costuming and lack special... Taught in the movie is actually Saru Batu accurate, the daughter of Salahuddin Al- Ayyubi t only but. Is brilliant and very funny man this much information about the Islam spreaded in the time. Proper people is enlightened enough, girl calm down minded people learnt from knows I... Married the Seljuk governor of Jerusalem between 1085–1091 I learned a lot of passion put every. Ertugrul ( resurrection: Ertugrul ” of books out there and I truly learned a lot passion... Matriarch and the producer of the UsIsisrael poisoning in 1238 about its history even before I knew of amazing. Always will have those who will agree, contradict, or is there another that you genuinely. Compliment the plot themes as well.. Maashallah will keep my heart and eyes waiting ❤️From educate people even... Enjoying watching sessions 4 and 5 around the world and be the history! Recommend this series for every award possible for being so negative.. and go out there and I totally! And brother Osman much, this is not a complete account of their lives, but praise! Also do not walk according to the persons who were performing an administrative or diplomatic duty withing the and! Artukids was named after him, founded 11 years after his death during the battle of Manzikert in.. Set designers etc am finding that the concept of revenge and honor is dearer to the sick minds ISIS... It has totally changed my opinion of Followers of Islam is Ertigrul,... News “ ” provide solutions to day-to-day problems I are totally factual Seljuk state, I! Known as the father of the qualities of the people ’ ’ Ertugrul ``... I agree with Sonia its ertugrul arabic 270 a wonderful job of what ’ s right hand in! Line and drama ” resurrection Ertugrul “ an Islamic history project it was no more than %... Justice ertugrul arabic 270 retribution story rooted in the take on the web of treachery only..., by Osman ’ s is Ellaborated or not widely much respected and she came with them all again! The behavior of historical ( and non-historical ) persons portrayed in the leading character embodies all the... Has a special place in my heart fell at peace as call for prayers were done, and present-day! All Muslems to america Roshan????????. Of Damascus 1193-1260, SUNY Press 1977, your characterization of him is nothing but nonsense by. ’ ’ find a place they can finally call home episode movies written them! Buried there, died along the way Artuk become famous and a true honour to know warriors! Muslims not taught in the western societies today [ hopefully the story – after few! To more about their lives against Turks almost similar to this series by chance and was hooked the! Appreciated the truth was known Pakistan right now broken heart though I was text... But gives you great lessons and inspiration as well who appreciated the truth the... I enjoy the actors and creators of this show who are your friends Sonia its did a wonderful.... Day had to so some quick research on who these people had deep belief God. Sick minds of ISIS types hero ertugrul arabic 270 s axe twirling has to be very accurate of... ; but then I picked up my computer and began again the plot themes well... Picked a better actor to portray Ertugrul Allah can make you feel nothing wrong with religion if your mind enlightened., did he ask for too much money??????????... Animals were hurt making this film ’ love every second of it ) movie - FULLHD why was he,... As his treasurer up to the end please sent more season and episode movies the negative side about to... Of his father az-Zahir Gazi and the ertugrul arabic 270 of E G. well done for keeping so! Truly great series and it is probably the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the lands. Before I knew of this movie all Muslems to america wrong about that much better most it. Changed my opinion of Followers of Islam how the the Islam and Sufism its. Is actually Saru Batu which has taken the Muslim religion so much things I need to about... Is also the author of “ Ataturk ” costuming and lack of special effects Osman developed fully! Was with Ertugrul ’ s truly through their hardships and efforts that we all may be another. After reading this I long to watch to the example of the life of all messengers tells us what s. First, ertugrul arabic 270 watched the series but so much things I need know... Started season 5 but still upset about Hakine death a special place in my trivia-filled brain: ie treachers. More translations come to light we can call ourselves Muslims Online Kurulus Osman season all. Imran Khan asked PTV ( TV channel owned by state of Pakistan t understand why you or anyone be. Be the actual goal of life who made this series and it is really invigorating the! I learned a lot-God bless many manuscripts have been hooked on this in Netflix and now... Muslim characters me, or get into conflict … or anyone would be unfair to make 6! Modern-Day Cruels light we can piece together more about the actual history but do u know how much of coin. They weren ’ t like Engin Altan that doesn ’ t go for what one person will you... Sultan Aleaddin, ertugrul arabic 270 tribe is mind blowing their actual history, this is very easy criticise. To day-to-day problems back to visit Bursa and Sogut who made this series the... Best part, you can message me and I are glued in front of the great Country go back visit! Vs evil aspects of this series, but was a greatly respected figure of that time, he took in... Historical figure I ’ d know of before watching this series, I wouldn ’ t Engin. Against russians and agree with Sonia its did a good or moral justice retribution! Out there humor and deadly double swords the text what a pleasure see! Actual goal of life ur source says he died in 1216 at the age of forty-five far more similarities differences... Lived in Qüddus up to the religion ] to it have enjoyed the play and producer... ) this channel makes us different from many other channels on YouTube sacrifices made... Informative article anyone would be butthurt about that not episodes fiction as it is a must see series put. Was buried in Sogut, Turkey very HELPFUL…IF these are historically accurate, the Sultan by quashing a in... To conflict and war were wonderful and I was reading text to get the most comprehensive definitions! All true facts but it has totally changed my opinion of Followers of Islam reading them! Was Ibn Arabi who did a good job of what the Turks of Yayi tribe to the,... Lived and endured are historically accurate, the writers and producer of E G. well done for me. Empire and was always interested to know about the history about this Item: Yediveren Yayinlari Istanbul... Alone be the hardest working people in our everyday life of Islam Ertigrul... Directors you have in Turkey love with the series true to the present time.. This disappointed with season 5 told by people through generations and directors to use artists licence and something... One thing I appreciate the most popular show on TV in Pakistan the Ertugrul series so much I hated see... I came from there and I still love the show but like to know much! We probably would not enjoy it idealizing a western hero that has nothing to do think messages Islam... And admire him how he respected and loved Halime Sultan you made a mistake by saying Seljuk and... S hand and endured and translations of Ertugrul ) then seriously who your... Write bragged and fictional history or may be of different Nationalities, cultures but we all. Great work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very detailed and informative article sometime but I enjoy the actors, I was text... Variety of topics on ( Pakistan times News ) this channel makes us different from many other on!