... LEE MIN HO - JEON JIN HO SON YE JIN - PARK GAE IN.... HOPE U ENJOY THIS DRAMA VERY MUCH.... ALL EPISODES OF THIS DRAMA SUBCRIBE MY CHANNEL..... Popular Video. This drama looks like fun! She had a nice producer position. People love drama simply because it provides them with a story to tell friends and family. Sa Mi Ja as Kang Boo Nam And crazy Hye Ri tells her a bunch of lies about Dowan and, of course, the idiot believes her. He’s convinced himself that he’s doing something to resolve his daughter’s destructive path for Fruit Korea, but from what I see, he is so far behind what’s currently happening now. These parents/grandparents will do anything to get their children to do what they want, even though the children are opposed. BTW, someone should give Dowon a comb & brush. No Matter What (KBS1) Have a good week! Even his son, Haeseong is many times the man he is not. The way Mrs Ji (Hyeri’s stepmom) is now rubbing it in on the Superbitch Grandma at every opportunity she gets, and the Superbitch Grandms could not stop it cos she’s got a lot of bad to hide is satisfying to watch. where do you watch Cool Kids? I want to see Hyeri inside the jail and happiness for Dowon and his father with Oh Malou together…. Ordinary aspects of life like reading books, doing chores or fulfilling daily routines don’t usually connect all that much with our emotions. Did you notice what he did, when he realized that his daughter Hyeri might go to jail for the many crimes that she had committed? Love these dramas actors were amazing Reply 8 0 What do you mean you THINK Ji Gun’s father is an A-hole? Typical story – she is an innocent who got fooled into breaking up with him. The survival of Ozge and Ece who are transsexuals, work as a prostitute. Let’s hope, wait and see. Basically the same story of this drama with “The Women of Our Home”, but hopefully more interesting later. I have been a drama queen before, and I am ashamed of this. Unfortunately, even the negative things that happen provide an interesting story…and that’s enough for most people. Even though the deal is done. They said he had a weak mind again. Sunday around 2:00 a.m in the morning. I hope that Nam Hye Ri will go to jail and Fruit Korea will go bankrupt and business of Fruit Korea will be taken and replaced by Song Do Won and also her stepmother Oh Mal Soo and that’s the drama make sense with a better ending. You're Beautiful and Big. She’s an average-looking secretary in a law firm who has a hard time because she can’t say no to her colleagues who dump work on her. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The content of koreandrama.org is available under license of Creative Commons, Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), https://sg.entertainment.yahoo.com/news/jun-mira-gives-sung-hyuk-a. hibiscus – I just saw ep 23 and I was thinking the same thing that Nam Sun is probably JG’s dad’s son. Sometimes the reason why we love drama is that drama is a distraction. I can’t believe he went behind Ji Gun’s back to do that restaurant merger and the guys that came to the restaurant didn’t even mention it to him. Espero tengan en cuenta y solucionen. Besides, Malsu might by now see Hyeri’s dad for what he is, a man without marbles. Hope, Malsu will carry out her plan to break up Fruit Korea, a Company that was built on greed and which she does not want a part of, and then have each smaller companies sold. Hye Ri is a big lying witch with a Capital B and a trouble maker. Don’t you agree ? Cheat on Me, If You Can (KBS2) And she should go tell Hye Ri’s dad that she has not done anything to get Ji nor is she looking for any revenge etc. This post is also available in: Japanese, Korean, Chinese (Simplified) …. Jang Bo Ri this drama. Dealing with people who love drama is not easy. Looking forward to seeing this community’s comments. Let’s wait and see. What a mess. from the station. If they’re a close friend, you might feel a certain amount of empathy for them. Do Won’s mother, Hye Ri, her dad, the wicked grandfather and Ji’s dad should all leave in that house together and make each other miserable every day. Love You (traditional Chinese: 醉後決定愛上你; simplified Chinese: 醉后决定爱上你; pinyin: Zui Hou Jue Ding Ai Shang Ni; lit. "Only You, My Love" takes over the KBS1 Mon - Fri 20:25 time slot previously occupied by "My Dear Cat" and will be … I mean, come on, how emotional do you get while washing dishes? aznative – thanks for the you tube sight, I caught up on 2 episodes I missed. I hope Young-Gi does not go back with her. Geez….give me a break. I Miss You Directed by Merve Gezen. They don’t care if these lies hurt others because drama is what matters the most. I think they worked well together. My Healing Love cast: So Yu-Jin, Yeon Jeong-Hun, Yoon Jong-Hoon. Doubt Malsu will accept Hyeri’s dad, not after this evil family had treated her so horrendously. lols interesting how he’ll find out! One thing is for certain, drama is exciting. Waoh! Only You My Love (Korean Drama - 2014) - 당신만이 내사랑, aka You Are the Only One, find Only You My Love (당신만이 내사랑) cast, characters, staff, actors, actresses, directors, writers, pictures, videos, latest news, reviews, write your own reviews, community, forums, fan messages, dvds, shopping, box office : The Beginning (tvN) Go go squid, Well intende dove, I hear you, and put your head on my shoulders ate my super all time favorites. And you can figure out the ending early on. Just get to the bottom of the reason and you might be able to help. The other new KBS weekday drama “Love & Secret” preview was on their YouTube channel so I’m hoping that means “Only You, My Love” will also be on their YouTube channel. It was a nice interview. I think, watching harmony, loving family drama and have even much more better rating. He is an idiot. Ji’s father is an a-hole. (Great plan, Malsu, you might find that you may make huge gains here). He was pretty nervous the first time out. @#38 Dsant hi thnx a bunch, i used to be able to get KBS but they discont’d airing in No. Here’s the Find Yourself Ep 14 Recap. The birth of multi-family living under the same roof! Sung Hyuk and his partner played the last set of the tournament and they won. This drama has just ended timely for the year for me to pick as my favorite C Drama of 2020. “Only You, My Love” was scheduled to follow “My Dear Cat” (the last episode on YouTube should air on Friday, December 5th). He was in Fated to Love you and I just thought his character was so funny. He went to see Malsu (the victim) asking her not to prosecute Hyeri ! Those first love butterfly feels. Let’s promote and love each other instead of selfishness and division. I could throw up when I had to see them. I can’t believe everyone was taken in by Hang Suk. Lee Ji Gun’s sister is a real dip stick. He is so cute. OMG – Ji Gen is going to have a very very hard time holding his ground against his father and Hye ri’s conniving. I think he has feelings still for Malsoo, but by the time he finds her she is now getting attached to Do Won’s dad. To put it simply, he seems clueless ! It just takes time to get to the happy ending. On Sunday’s episode of Cool Kids on the Block, Moony and his partner won the tennis game set against the neighborhood man and I forgot now if it was his nephew, I think. What are some of the reasons why people love drama? How cool is that. So is his wife. This song is sung by Yazin Nizar. Who cared if the grandmother had a brain tumor. He always made me laugh. I feel sorry for Ji — he is doing well with his restaurant and is a nice person, he creepy father should just be happy for him instead of screwing around with his life. Hyeri is hurtling headlong in destruction mode! Ah – money – the root of all evil. Hush (jTBC) Poor In Hu had to put up with Nam Soon. Cant understand why the character Song Dowon is such as weakling. Finally, a lead role for Han Chae Ah!!! Basically, people just love problems. What do the dramas You're Beautiful and To the Beautiful You have in common? He buys gifts for all his lady friends and his wife gets something he got for free. drama plays many parts in life. Birthcare Center (tvN), Browse By YearAwardsYear 2002Year 2003Year 2004Year 2005Year 2006Year 2007Year 2008Year 2009Year 2010Year 2011Year 2012Year 2013Year 2014Year 2015Year 2016Year 2017Year 2018Year 2019Year 2020Year 2021, /*