TROUBLED PAST Mexico massacre family’s dark history of links to NXIVM ‘sex cult’, polygamous ‘Mormon Manson’ and drug cartel slayings. Around 100 … Graphic videos show aftermath of deadly Mormon family massacre in Mexico. Other Mormon leaders led the Mountain Meadows Massacre, Battle Creek massacre, and Circleville Massacre. Under the direction of Mormon prophets and apostles, the Mormon burned and looted Davies County, attacked and killed members of the Missouri state militia, and carried out an extermination order on the Timpanogos. Mexico ambush: Mormon families waiting for justice a year on from massacre. By Mohamed Madi & Ana Gabriela Rojas BBC News, Mexico THE 18 family members involved in a brutal drug cartel massacre had ties to a notorious sex-cult and a polygamous murderer “Mormon Manson”, it has been revealed. The massacre prompted three tweets from Trump urging Mexico’s president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, to “wage WAR on the drug cartels … Arrests made in Mormon family massacre 00:20. Several individuals connected with a family massacre in northern Mexico were detained in an early Sunday operation. Mexican cartel boss arrested over Mormon massacre in which nine died. victims in Mexico massacre were tied to family with a long history of violence.”. On the other side of the country, the L.A. Times went with an article titled, “U.S. Yet the Mormon convoy was attacked after departing a ranch across the state line in Sonora. Patrick Knox The Sun. It’s also unusual for campesinos in Mexico to possess the kind of firepower used in the ambush. US Mormons who re-settled in Mexico are fleeing the country after a "massacre" by drug cartels that left nine women and children dead. It also cast a spotlight on the fundamentalist Mormon families of north-western Mexico… Mormon Massacre in Mexico May Be Tied to Gang War, Officials Say Hours before six children and three women were killed, two rival gangs had a shootout near the U.S. border.