gung-ho in a sentence - Use "gung-ho" in a sentence 1. gung-ho style traded in for a direct approach. Sentence Examples Imagine my shock when I realized this was not going to be a gung-ho, draw your sword and fight to the death movie. “Carlson was impressed by how the Chinese troops worked together using a system of cooperation they called gung ho, which means work together. 9+1 sentence examples: 1. 3. Sentence Examples Everyone wants peace, no one wants war, and if you aren't prepared to march then you're either gung ho or deliberately awkward. These sentences come from external sources & may not be accurate. The defense bar is gung ho to stymie evidence in any cases where they figure a tip was involved. Hoo har What is it those American gung hoo har What is it those American gung ho soldiers shout in movies with that throat clearing burst of machismo? Examples of gung-ho in a Sentence. intense. adjective The definition of gung ho is eager or excited. Marina Pacheco: If the woodpecker had managed to hit the weasel with its beak it would have been the end of the weasel, they're quite gung-ho … The police were gung-ho to get him convicted but the DPP despite having him bang to rites dropped the case. kind of mentality. Back in April 1997, it had been blithely gung-ho about financial deregulation. (adjective) Dictionary ! I like my work but I'm not too gung ho about putting in all that overtime. Hemingway's heroes, though, this last stand is the only imaginable way one can leave this earth with a facet of dignity. In my experience, however, most police officers are good-to-admirable people, with the exception that the gung-ho drug warriors are average-to-worse people. The stranger’s eyes are deep-seated … spirited. Anger, a deep-seated anger, growing in me. To be avoided, and if necessary ignored, were gung-ho platoon leaders who drew enemy fire by ordering spectacular charges. Meaning of gung ho. take-charge. (open, save, copy) ‘In our religious fanaticism or our gung-ho patriotism, we all let it happen.’ ‘Both state and federal levels witnessed a gung-ho culture of business deals and obsessive secrecy.’ ‘Imagine my shock when I realized this was not going to be a gung-ho, draw your sword and fight to the death movie.’ 4. It's also important to have a mature rather than a gung ho approach. The film stars Mark Burgess-Ashton as the gung-ho young fighter pilot. gung ho - To describe a person that is brave to defy laws and orders. Definition of gung ho in the dictionary. - Website over leiderschap en management "Gung Ho" is een methode die zorgt voor motivatie en betrokkenheid van werknemers Inleiding: De Gung Ho methode, die bestaat uit 3 principes, is beschreven in het gelijknamige boek "Gung Ho… He was a gung-ho warrior and a great friend. gung-ho heroics of mountaineering writers. 3. Login; Sign Up; API; ... Police Chief Eric Hester said everybody was gung-ho at first, but interest faded. What does gung-ho mean? With 2005 sales of £ 40m he's not surprisingly gung-ho about business too. Extremely enthusiastic and dedicated. YourDictionary definition and usage example. An example of gung ho is being eager and unable to wait to start building a new house. All 130 employees share a similar vision and all seem very gung ho about their racy products. Man.. Sentence Examples. What does gung ho mean? Athirst definition is - thirsty. It is the final penance, a last forgiveness of sins. Sentence with the word gung ho. - Website over leiderschap en management 'Gung Ho! Sample sentence: All definitions are approved by humans before publishing. So you're kind of going gung-ho for the girl. Gung ho definition is - extremely or overly zealous or enthusiastic. That marine is Gung Ho about his new assignment. ', … Senate Republicans are less gung-ho about tax cuts. It's a measure of how amorphous ''Gung Ho'' is that it's impossible to say what it's about in a single sentence… And no one is standing in his way. Many people found • In Vermont, at Orchard Elementary School in South Burlington, Principal Mark Trifilio reports kids are gung-ho to get outside — even if it's snowing and 10 degrees. Define Gung Ho!. Be enthusiastic, be a go- getter, and work together. How to use gung ho in a sentence. Lucy was looking nervously around at the gung-ho. passionate. If that sounds typically gung-ho, then consider Pearl Harbor. ‘In our religious fanaticism or our gung-ho patriotism, we all let it happen.’ ‘Both state and federal levels witnessed a gung-ho culture of business deals and obsessive secrecy.’ ‘Imagine my shock when I realized this was not going to be a gung-ho, draw your sword and fight to the death movie.’ Gung-ho in a sentence 1. He has warned some of his more gung ho generals about the consequences of an invasion. All Rights Reserved. Maybe that was why he was so gung-ho for her to share his things. Therefore, we are not responsible for their content. Learn more in the Cambridge English-Chinese simplified Dictionary. ''Gung Ho'' opens today at Loew's New York Twin and other theaters. Context examples for "gung-ho" in Spanish (!) UNITED NATIONS (AP) — Britain’s new U.N. ambassador says the government is feeling “gung ho” about continuing its role as an important player on the world stage despite its exit from the European Union. gung-ho - A description of an enthusiastic, perhaps over-enthusiastic, person. Maybe that was why he was so gung-ho for her to share his things. Examples of gung ho in a Sentence. Gung-ho spirit goes a long way, but there are cases where that toughness can create and aggravate problems. Sentence with the word gung-ho. Gung ho definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary Vertalingen in context van "gung ho" in Engels-Nederlands van Reverso Context: I'm a gung ho entertainer. How to use athirst in a sentence. Sourabh Gupta: The leadership is gung-ho dedicated to doing this, the Belt and Road is seen as Xi’s personal project to cement his legacy. If George W is so gung-ho on removing Saddam Hussein from power why didn't he focus on it a year ago? Imagine my shock when I realized this was not going to be a, However, even if he did screw up, it was in the direction of being just a little too, We'll try and play attacking football but not ridiculous, They are part mercenary and moral crusader, half, I think it appeals to a different sort of person than the ones who are really, How amped about that album could I have been if, a week after I was all, Isn't it time to get realistic about how markets operate in our lives, rather than being either, Both state and federal levels witnessed a, It is a different scene with experts like Joseph Stiglitz, ex-World Bank top economist, openly critical of the, It was his idea to make the documentary, but I was very, Colleagues of James have repeatedly said he was never, Though the real world's rough edges may be feeling pretty abrasive, this is still a, This meant hurling a fragmentation bomb into the tent of a, The film even showed Porter in the uniform of the French Foreign Legion, as gritty and, As I scrambled inelegantly up into the driver's seat, I began to regret my, The others have just had so many false dawns they've learnt not to be too, Those complex overtures done with, I followed up all, All this requires time and endless patience, it is unflashy and it seems not to suit the usually, This would not be the last time he began a Web venture with, Now it's true, he makes no campaign contributions, so he's obviously not a, Roth might have benefitted from a little more restraint to keep things more disturbing, yet instead adopts a, At its most extreme, it involved a guerrilla strategy of selectively assassinating particularly, Even after the subpoenas started flying, he remained, Even more impressive is the fact that Kelly has managed to marshal this Rube Goldberg menagerie into a smart, funny lampoon of. In private, however, they are gung ho for a US assault. This last gung-ho attempt to show ones valiance is a gift in the minds of Hemingway's heroes. How to use gung ho in a sentence. Gung ho definition: If you say that someone is gung ho , you mean that they are very enthusiastic or eager to... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples gung-ho approach of blasting through a long patch of bad mud at speed seldom works for bigger bikes. gung-ho translate: (尤指在參戰方面)賣力的,起勁的,狂熱的. Your friends are really gung - ho about that computer stuff 2. 180 were donated in October This month, we are on track to donate 185 home recent additions webmaster page banners feed a child For a fouryear-old, he's pretty gung-ho so … gung-ho approach of blasting through a long patch of bad mud at speed seldom works for bigger bikes. I like to use both east and west definitions. in Mandarin Chinese means work together. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. Barbara Woodward pointed to the United Kingdom’s permanent seat on the powerful U.N. Security Council, its presidency this year of the […] The information is solid, the presentation uninspired (as in " written by a particularly gung-ho individual! Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. After that my brain is toast. "If I have the guts to do it, I'll be all right." What does gung-ho mean? Gung-ho definition, wholeheartedly enthusiastic and loyal; eager; zealous: a gung-ho military outfit. Thrill seekers, perhaps, but not gung ho to the point of recklessness. Deep-seated; 1. Synonym Discussion of athirst. Avon, for once, is all gung-ho about it; he wants it over. Simply wait by the overshield and DON'T pick it up until the very last minute, like right before you go gung-ho into a huge group of enemies. Our manager has turned into a gung - ho health nut . 2. lively. Stopping Saddam is not a matter of gung-ho military overkill. Meaning of gung-ho. 521 English sentences using 'gung ho' Toggle navigation. keyed up. Of these, harmonization is more seductive for the gung-ho politician who wants to be seen doing something, one of the scourges of the contemporary world. In our religious fanaticism or our gung-ho patriotism, we all let it happen. Gung-ho When stationed in China in 1937, a U.S. colonel by the name of Evans Carlson noticed that the Chinese army personnel had a unique way of boosting their morale. He thought we should have been gung-ho and gone straight. Eight hours a day is enough. Definition of gung-ho in the dictionary. It took on a new meaning in the western world: enthusiastic go-getter. use gung ho in a sentence. Example sentences for: gung-ho How can you use “gung-ho” in a sentence? Finally, how do you stay the course and keep focused once the initial gung-ho spirit wears off? HTML tags … I was so gungho I ran home telling my mom that I was going to war in Nam like it was a vacation". Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. gung-ho attitude among young people toward debt. They do not represent the opinions of See more. 3. Menu. TRY gung ho IN A SENTENCE BELOW. zealous. Ground wasn’t gained that way; it was won by small groups of men, five or six in a cluster, who moved warily forward in a kind of autohypnosis, advancing in a mysterious concert with similar groups on their flanks. Deep-seated in a sentence. The sporting opportunities here should suit the most gung-ho of tourists. gung-ho translate: (尤指在参战方面)卖力的,起劲的,狂热的. proactive. 5. 2. Any promotional content will be deleted. It was a deep-seated instinctive. 2. 4. Learn more in the Cambridge English-Chinese traditional Dictionary.