They then celebrate the boy for being so awesome and performing well in school and they all live happily ever after. Since the early 1980s, the total share of income claimed by the bottom 90 percent of Americans has steadily decreased, with the majority of income gains going to the top 1 percent. She is okay with this because she is a woman and has no say in it. The film was produced by the NAACP in its drive to desegregate schools which ultimately led to the landmark Supreme Court decision in Brown vs Board of Education. Executive summary. Documentaries. Even the inequality between 50 percent poverty schools and 75 percent poverty schools is enough to drag down the average educational performance of the entire country. Ronald Ferguson, director of the Achievement Gap Initiative at Harvard University, says there is progress being made, there are encouraging examples to emulate, that an early start is critical, and that a lot of hard work lies ahead. It is about education and how we do education in America. Directed by Caroline Alkefjard, Siri Enckell. Ava DuVernay distributes awesome films through her company, ARRAY. Forty years after sparking the notorious punk rock riot at Ontario Place, legendary Hamilton glamour-punk band Teenage Head is determined to enter the limelight once again. 90291: VENICE UNZIPPED is a provocative feature documentary about income inequality in America, told through the lens of one community and three families living in the same 90291 zip code, but at the opposite ends of the growing income divide. Is the way we treat boys and girls the real reason we haven't achieved equality between men and women? High and rising inequality is one of the United States’ most pressing economic and societal issues. Education may be the key to solving broader American inequality, but we have to solve educational inequality first. A documentary produced by the National Association For the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) on the racial disparities in the education provided in South Carolina public schools. The story beings with an uneducated boy who get's to go to school instead of his sister, because she is a woman. The latest is a doc called 'Teach Us All,' about systemic inequality in education. If You Build It is a 2013 documentary film directed by Patrick Creadon, produced by Neal Baer, and filmed on location largely in the town of Windsor and surrounding Bertie County, North Carolina, the state’s poorest county. Picture My Face: The Story of Teenage Head (feature version) November 9, 2020 - 1:26:18. Due to a generous grant from Sierra Health Foundation, Xpose The Gap is proud to announce that Solving The Inequality, an innovative and captivating documentary is now available on But Defies Measurement is not a documentary about testing. Broken Education System of AmericaEverything in American education is broken. It is about the “public” in public education.