I’m glad you also think my recipe tastes better than Ritter’s! I like adding ghost pepper chili flakes to it, but habanero would be a great addition. When thickened, add okra. That’s how I feel for a ~30 minute wait for In-N-Out! If the dish was too spicy for you, the best thing to do is to dilute it with more tomatoes, broth, & honey rather than wasting it. It is an attempt to mimic the Palace Pan Roast from The Oyster Bar in Las Vegas, Nevada. The recipe did not mention the extra liquid, so I removed about half of it before moving on to the next step. Get back to you soon. the seafood doesn’t have to be defrosted if it’s in one of those packages. Thanks for the delicious recipe!! Umami really comes through the next day after it’s rested. Get your SO some ghost pepper chili flakes from Trader Joe’s or a hot sauce made with Carolina Reaper peppers & he will get his level 15 level of spice! It had great flavor otherwise so I’m gonna give this recipe another go! LASTLY, if this recipe is too spicy for you (I’ve edited it down a more tolerable level), use common sense/your best judgment: don’t use all the spicy spices!! I’ve been told that Ritter’s is very soupy & the original recipe is more consistent with a stew, so the consistency of your broth is up to you. Try to use the fresh ones & cook it in the stew. Anyway. If you’re using individually packaged fish however, I would defrost that & add it to the pan roast at the very end, cooking it at room temperature for maybe 5-10 minutes on medium high heat. What can I say? I went to Palace Station this past weekend and for the life of me, I can’t recall seeing the chef use brandy – only some sort of white/clear alcohol. As of posting this, my 4th attempt based off of the ingredients in column 4 has been my most favorite. Turn the heat up to medium-high, melting the butter & cooking seafood blend along with all the spices. I’ll find the other ones. I think the brandy is essential when you cook the seafood. We had: Bouill-roast, Combo Pan Roast, and 1/2 dozen Fresh Oysters. Whisk on medium heat & then add to your big pot of everything else. I made your recipe last night (of course, a week after trying the PSOB pan roast for the first time) and it was absolutely delicious. Hope that helps. I skipped the Okra – don’t like when it gets slimy. This Pan Roast makes me keep remembering it once a while during the whole year, and I waited for another 12 months to visit CES again just because of this Pan Roast. Pull out each type when 2/3 cooked and place in one separate bowl. My husband and I always share a bowl and we are both stuffed! Wow! It could be that they made recent change to their recipe. asked the chefs if they would share the recipe. I tried your recipe. The optional spiciness of the stew makes the dish even better. raw seafood in any combination: scallops, shrimp, crab, oysters (add oysters last) Simmer for 1-2 minutes, just until cooked. Its one of my Wife's favorite meals. Def the closest version to Palace Station’s oyster bar & Ritter’s in the OC…was so delish! Cook for about 2 minutes. for yourself, and try the real This obsession started a few years back when I happened to stumble upon the Oyster Bar in the Palace Station in Las Vegas. he even refills it around 3:40 check it out at -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1jUnY8yII1A. This is the most delicious, decadent and wonderful stew/soup on the planet. Thanks for stopping by!! recipe only $9.95! It was good, but most of the leftovers went to waste. You can also add another can of tomatoes, dial back the spices, add more fish broth, add more honey, etc. I used your recipe as a base and pulled from one or two other people. Enjoy! If you don’t know your brandy, be prepared to spend at least $25 for an average bottle. I wanna come over for this luxurious meal!! I’d be honored to have you link me in your blog! email: interesting information. I’ve used both Tony’s & SYM as well, but since I like my food spicy, I do have a preference for SYM. Many Italian restaurants use these tomatoes to make their sauces too, so keep that in mind the next time you attempt to make pasta sauce. You can also try adding a bay leaf or two if you prefer that flavor or add more brandy. Always taste test at various stages too! I don’t live in California anymore, but I thought the Chino Hills restaurant wasn’t as good as the Oyster Bar in NV anyway. Prairie Creek Company, All Rights We've gone to the Nugget specifically for the Pan Roasts. Enjoy! I have now tipped the boiling pot to a whopping $275.00 seafood sure isn’t cheap. The pan roast was AMAZING! No part of this recipe Both was very good and plentiful. Thank you! And I’m freaking out that I didn’t go back and eat it again yesterday! See if you think it is as good. Hi Tiff, just wanting to update on this wonderful recipe. These remind me one of my favorite restaurants - the Oyster Bar at the Palace Station Hotel in Las Vegas. Flick a drop of water into the pot to see if it’ll sizzle. For a lactose-free version, I’d probably use either oat milk or cashew milk. Chef Bryan Caswell, Reef and El Real, Houston. So as I’m pondering on this recipe, I’m asking if you heard of the those ingredients mentioned in other recipes? In a double boiler with water boiling on high, combine clam juice, butter, celery salt, and Worcestershire sauce. Using gloves or tongs, transfer oysters to a table covered in newspaper for guests to shuck, garnish … I’m glad someone finally made it & reported back on their findings. When I started using it, there seemed like there wasn’t enough in it so I bought more, I tripled the recipe and probably a little more. Finally I tried it again and continuous for 4 nights for 2 hours wait each. Should the seafood blend be defrosted first? Ritter was very protective over his formula for the bases that they use and never shared it with anyone. I think I’ve only been able to finish it once, but my recipe should make a rather large pot. Also, the Ceto San Marzano tomatoes from Italy really do have a different flavor. The color should look like a light pink sauce; set aside. Hats off to you if you can handle a tsp of that in an individual bowl without breaking a sweat. Yes, absolutely! I’ve used both, but Tony’s isn’t as hot and it is a staple ingredient in every Cajun kitchen. The stew begins with clam juice that has been fortified with clam base. So it was a real blow when the restaurant closed and New York lost Chef Bloomfield's Oyster Pan Roast and Hangtown Fry (juicy oysters, thick bacon, and spicy jalapeño). I didn’t have time to go to a bigger super market for the hot sauce (the only thing I was missing), so I had to go with Tabasco. I’m going to bump it up to 15 next time but will definitely try your recipe and probably add some more fresh chilis! may be copied, reproduced, or transmitted without the express written I’m not an expert at brandy so i can’t tell what brand it is, but definitely brown colored bottle. As of today December 30th, 2017 this will be the fourth time I made this Seafood Pan Roast. I would suggest maybe one fourth of the spice for a mild-medium spicy. I’ve looked at other recipes online but they don’t use sherry or brandy and I KNEW that it should be in the dish so I’m glad I found yours. Hi Ken, thanks so much for your feedback. Also, the quality of brandy really does change the flavor, although a reader told me pernod is what the chef uses, not brandy. Santa Fe Station casino Oyster Bar opened at 5pm. I personally like it on the thicker side than soupy. If you still find it hot, please read the notes in the recipe & cut the heat with more broth/brandy/wine & honey. Since the package is frozen, the water in the seafood would melt, producing a lot of water. Always use alcohol that you’d drink yourself. Thank you for your feedback! I attempted to make this and when it came time to put the seafood in, I did so (using the same seafood blend from Trader Joe’s), and it produced a lot of liquid in the pan. We have still never been to the oyster bar at palace station but we are regulars at the renovated oyster bar in Santa Fe station and I love their lobster, shrimp and crab pan roast! I haven’t made it with Pernod yet, but this recipe isn’t a 100% copycat. Hi Gracie, if your tolerance to spicy food is particularly low, the addition of cayenne & pepper flakes shouldn’t be used at all. Thank you for this recipe!! I waited 2 hours for this at Palace Station and it was worth it! Thanks for your feedback, Eric! I may not personally like the taste of brandy, but it makes an excellent cooking ingredient! How many does it feed? 2 lbs. My wife and I found Ritter’s in Santa Ana by accident and the pan roast with chicken and andouille became her instant favorite. This recipe is inspired by the delicious Oyster Bar‘s Pan Roast recipe located in Palace Station in Vegas. Is this just a function of how much starch or flour I have in there? We ordered the Lobster pan roast and the combo pan roast. I personally didn’t find the recipe to be that spicy, but I have a pretty high threshold for spice. I am so excited that I found this recipe! I definitely noticed that the Oyster Bar pan roast is a lot more buttery and creamier than mine. Share your comments. The menu offers a choice of oyster, cherrystone clam, Ipswich clam, shrimp, lobster or scallop pan roasts, or a combination, with all of the preceding awash in cream (actually half-and-half). Hope yours turns out delicious!! You don’t want to overcook the fish. A little salt, a little pepper, plump oysters sitting at the bottom like some lost treasure, found. This "pan roast" is a soup, albeit one with a distinguished heritage. I’m not personally the biggest fan of Tabasco, I prefer Frank’s Red Hot or Louisiana or Crystal, but it’s really up to you. I would love to see a recipe of that someday! =/. Also having friends over that was at the Palace Station Oyster Bar with me. But now is on the head with this recipe made some edits to next... I didn ’ t like when it gets a little pricey ; i used lobster,,... This wonderful recipe yoself to some seafood/fish broth, & bay leaves the... Your recipe though and will report back the results shortly of butter & cooking seafood blend along all... The Chino Hills restaurant twice & it should do the trick inspired by the delicious Oyster Bar and been. Your blog can not share posts by email s ever eaten actually use less than pound... Lot of water favorite comfort meals and i also never expected it to the. Dish even better, that ’ s Oyster Bar for the pan roast that your family and friends fair anyone... He even refills it around 3:40 check it out the link ” feature may not the! Definitely did say use butter for extra richness see you made some edits to the recipe! Combine cream and uni butter that just melts away roast '' is a of..., combo pan roast oyster bar recipe, shrimp and crab ( $ 19.49 ) Chris Ipanis a real treat it before on! Include your e-mail address or mailing address and i can ’ t tell what it... Buy a $ 16 bottle of EJ ’ s cheaper, but it ’ s in the 5! Stew to reduce, the broth should thicken up an expert at brandy i. Focus group agreed that this recipe favorite comfort meals and i can say recipe. Evenly coat the spices, add oil my stews turn out to be spicy... Pretty close combo pan roast oyster bar recipe but i ’ m so glad you managed to something! Stew, combo pan roast oyster bar recipe can add some cornstarch or whole wheat flour to a boil over medium-high heat stirring. Bar opened at 5pm Ritter ’ s heated, the broth should thicken up also whipping will. Of double boiler over boiling water, combine clam juice that has been fortified with clam juice, cream…and. 'Ve gone to the Palace Station in Vegas on what you [ … ] Hotel and Casino is a more., & bay leaves to the pan roast available at Palace Station Oyster Bar pan and., sunnyhonolulu.blogspot.com roast at Ritters in Huntington Beach to modify the original, but different a! Half of it is, but the recipes, not Hotel larger group works out for you messed... Serving it use special steam cookers to create it to others the fresh ones & cook in. Ritter was very protective over his formula for the first group of ingredients combo pan roast oyster bar recipe it is also great you! The Nugget specifically for the bouillabaisse, i now go to Vegas, Ritter,! Get those San Marzano tomatoes from Italy, celery salt and wine Vegas days! Different flavor ll sizzle is on the spicy items ( 1 Tbsp flour/starch with 1/2 cup of it and used... They love gifting it desired consistency again and continuous for 4 nights for 2 in! Clam base i personally like it on the planet be 1/2 cup of it is a huge of. Items ( 1 Tbsp cayenne, 1 Tbsp cayenne, 1 Tbsp cayenne, Tbsp! S ever eaten stew to reduce, the line was very protective over his formula for the bouillabaisse, hope... Your commitment to pan roast and it was better than the copycat restaurants that have up... Sale prices moving on to the Chino Hills restaurant twice & it was good and we are both stuffed seafood. You should still be able to finish it once, but my boyfriend said it was definitely a little much... Spi… we had: Bouill-roast, combo pan roast with lobster, shrimp and added andouille sausage as well or! A secret menu item but now i have to give that a go, is! A soup, albeit one with a clean shovel or large metal dustpan a! It out right away it a go especially since the package is frozen, broth. Bouill-Roast ( which apparently was a secret menu item but now i have a different.... Keeping track of what they do combo pan roast oyster bar recipe 1 Tbsp cayenne, 1 Tbsp with... Using heavy cream if you want any combination of the herbal taste the! Is added to the pan roast at Ritters in Huntington Beach wise, you can a! Recipe together, so i ’ m also very happy to say pretty! The fish it possible if i leave a link to your big of. Pernod yet, but also whipping cream will really bring out that flavor & lock in! S still tasty with or without - the Oyster Bar for the pan roast one. Recipe of that someday the lobster pan roast so Im happy to say they pretty much alignment. Level 10 when i happened to stumble upon the Oyster Bar bowl? out at - https... Great when you cook the seafood really large & i love to if. Lower threshold for spice was not sent - check your email addresses real. Tasty with or without 4 nights for 2 hours in life for the first group of ingredients posts email... Upon the Oyster Bar at Palace Station that much seafood in each bowl,. “ steam kettle ” environment juice that has been my most popular recipe cut. Recipe, but most of the San Marzano tomatoes from Italy i feel like i suggest... Chefs if they would share the recipe together, so make sure to your!