Similar to above, anti-rotation drills are isometric stabilization exercises designed to train your core to resist rotational forces. Horizontal Upper Body Pull includes all variations of dumbbell rows, inverted rows, TRX rows and similar exercises in the same plane of motion. Usually reserved for higher level bodybuilders and figure competitors, body part splits separate the weekly training cycle into days specifically devoted to individual body parts. There are no shortcuts, no magic pills or potions. Rather than focus on individual body parts or upper/lower splits, this style of programming separates training sessions based on push and pull movement patterns. I’m talking about movement categories. These movements refer to lower body exercises that cause you to move from deep hip flexion to extension with little-to-no knee flexion. Finally, it’s time to put all of this information to good use and understand which exercises are appropriate and at what times throughout the training session. to Download Your Free 45-min Strength Training Program Design Seminar. if (!IE) { return; } As simple as it sounds, this style of programming separates the weekly training cycle into days specifically devoted to the upper and lower body. Program design is much more difficult than meets the eye. General Description: Strength focused OR  hypertrophy focused. My Opinion (for what it’s worth): this is my preferred style of programming for  people who can train 4x/week. When incorporating speed and jump training, remember that available power and CNS state is crucial for technique acquisition. A long-term commitment is … Let’s talk individual assessment.